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Monday, November 2, 2015

Kristi Kærlighed

Greetings ye citizens of the far away land called ''the Rest of the World.'' I Hope you have all had a fantastic week, and that you've been able to accomplish new goals and experience new blessings in your lives :) This life is a time for us to gain experience and understanding, and a time for us to learn more about who we really are and reach the Potential that God completely understands and sees in us :) One of my favorite things to learn and study on my mission has been the eternal and priceless worth of souls. Every single human being who has ever been on the earth, is here now, and will be on the earth is a Beloved Son or Daughter of our most loving and caring Heavenly Parents. We lived with God before we came to this earth, and in that time, we knew God, and He still knows us perfectly. He knows our desires and our ambitions. He knows and understands our sorrows and our weaknesses. But luckily, and thankfully, He also knows our strengths and talents, and provides ways for us to learn more about and appreciate ourselves. The Gospel that God has taught to mankind throughout the generations is given to us to provide Identity and Direction. As we learn more about Who God Is, we can learn more about who we can become. Isn't that amazing?? :) I think it is! I know it is! and I love it!

I am sooooooooo incredibly thankful for the Love that God offers me each and every day! The opportunity I have to learn and to grow and to change is of so much value to me! Sometimes it takes courage and trust, but we can make it! We read in the Book of Mormon, in the Book of Moroni, chapter 8 verse 16 that ''perfect love casteth out all fear.'' That perfect love that Christ has for us, and that we can have towards Christ, enables us to do anything and everything without being paralyzed by fear.

Yesterday, we had an amazing Fast and Testimony meeting. In the meeting, one of the young adults in the ward, Anne, bore her testimony on the importance of being in tune to the Spirit of God. She told a experience/story as an analogy: She overheard some missionaries discussing among themselves in English, and as a Dane, she was usually resolved to answer back in Danish (it's very nice when they do this- so helpful!! (: ). But on this occasion, she joined the conversation, speaking in English. The missionaries were caught off guard and missed all of what she said, because they weren't expecting her to respond in English. Anne likened this to the way that we can receive answers from God- often times we will receive and answer to a question, but because we are not expecting to be answered in a specific way, we can miss the answer itself!
May we all have the courage and faith to keep our ears, minds, and hearts open to all of the whisperings of the Spirit. Sometimes, one may feel as if his answers are not being heard and answered, or her answer may seem completely off topic and out of application- but God always answers perfectly according to what we need!

This past week has been a struggle for me. I was ill and inside all week long with brief moments of going outside and being able to work. Wow was that rough and I hated it! But at the same time, I am also very grateful for the opportunity to have a short pause. I tried to focus my attention on what I could do inside that would help me be even more prepared to do what I needed to outside- and while I'm still figuring out all of the lessons I have learned this week, I am growing so much! God works in mysterious ways!!! haha, and I know He does the same to you!

This morning, as I was trying to figure out waht to write about (because let's be honest, nothing super exciting happened this week while I was indoors healing), I was suddenly bombarded with TONS of topics to write about. But then Sister Orr reminded me of the sweet testimony of Anne, and I felt inspired to share that today. I hope I was able to explain the thoughts and feelings of my heart correctly,and that someone looking at this can feel my love and appreciation :) I love you all, and I'm thankful for the love you all show me :)

I don't have any pictures of this week, so I'll leave y'all with one of my favorite quotes, from C S Lewis:

"Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different..."

I hope you all have a great week, and that you will find those small whispers of the Spirit, and do all you can to follow those promptings. I testify that God knows and Loves you, and that you can know Him just as well :)

-Søster Morgan Soelberg

an old picture of the sunrise a couple of weeks ago :)

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