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Monday, February 29, 2016

It's a Girl!

Dear Friends and Family!!!! It has finally happened- my mission posterity will continue on through the generations of missionaries that arrive here in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission- may I introduce to all of you my ''daughter,'' Søster Hayley Sorensen!! >>

​She is such a fantastic missionary, and we have had an absolute blast together so far :) She hails from the magical and far-away land of Delta, Utah, and she is so prepared to be a missionary! I find it a bit amusing that my own trainer was named Sister Sorensen, and now I get the opportunity to train the next Sister Sorensen :) It's pretty great ;)

We've had a great week here in the mission!! My first week as Sister Training Leader (STL) went down without a hiccup! We had our Mission Leadership Meeting this week, so Sister Sorensen got a chance to go and chill with 2 of the sisters from her Group that just came in- the three of them had 24 hours to themselves, and did a wonderful job getting around their area and teaching people on the street, in busses, and at a lesson :) And may I just add that their Danish is all really great! They have a wonderful mission ahead of them!

This week has been full of get-to-know-yous and saying goodbye--- We said goodbye to Sister Keller as she headed up to Birkerød after only 1 transfer here in Slagelse, and she's doing really well :) I've had a chance to chat with her on the phone for a Little bit :) She's a wonderful missionary <3
I got Sister Øgaard as a companion for half the week while we both waited to recieve our new missionaries

and we had a great time enjoying Danish pastries and train-rides!! Sister Øgaard has been in Denmark for 12 weeks and is now training a new missionary! She'll do wonderfully well :) Such a strong Sister!
And finally, we learned that Sister Sorensen was coming to Slagelse with me :)
which is really aweome :) She's going to love it!
We've already had some great miracles happening at the beginning of this new transfer- Sister Sorensen contacted a woman on the street, and we are now building a great relationship with her. We'll be visiting her a friend of hers this week, and we're really excited for that! What a great way to start of a new companionship!

I would just like to say that I absolutely LOVE this Ward that we are in- the members are just fantastic and so willing and ready to help with the missionary Work that is going on in Denmark- they have welcomed Sister Sorensen in with open arms, and are finding ways to bring more people in awareness of the message we have to share with people :) In fact, tonight I will be teaching the YSA in the Ward and their friends how to knit ( I never thought that would be a Means of missionary Work in denmark! but værsgo!)
(we used this Picture as an ''advertisement'' for the activity tonight!)
you never know what talents and skills will aid in helping people build friendships and relationships! We all have those awkward Little Things that can be used for something!! Now I just need to figure out how to explain knitting techniques in Danish!!
Our Ward has also started a Drawing and Painting class open to the public, and it's been going very well!! There is a woman who comes, and who can feel the love and Spirit that is in the Church :) She is Warming up to the idea of actually coming to a Gudstjeneste at some point :)
Sister Sorensen and I are also holding a Family History class this coming Thursday, and we are expecting a good turnout :) the previous one we did went very well :)

Haha, I really have no idea what to even say in this email......I mean, other than the fact that it's been a great week and that I'm absolutely loving training Sister Sorensen! :) Life is really going well, and I'm excited for all that this next week (and this next transfer) will bring :) Life goes on, and new things need to be experienced <3 So here's to learning new things!

I hope you all have a fantastic week! I love you all <3

we found some pants in our Apartment and took some ''mermaid'' shots- we're supposed to be in swimming poses!! :) this is going to be a great companionship ;)

-Søster Morgan Brooke Soelberg

Monday, February 22, 2016

Transfer 12/12 Begins!

Well everyone, this is it! Today marks the Beginning of the End! Transfers happened this morning, and Sister Keller is on her way to Birkerød after only 6 weeks in Slagelse- it was a short time, but it was the best :) She's such a wonderful missionary, and we had many wonderful experiences together!
This past weekend, we went all the way to Fredericia (such a beautiful place! There's nothing quite like your first Ward as a missionary!!) for the baptism of Sister Keller's dear dear friend Mathias! :) It was definitely the most wonderful baptism I have ever been to :) The Spirit was so strong, and we could all feel the Lords love radiating all around us! In just 18 weeks, Mathias changed his life from being an athiest to believing in God's love!! And what an amazing transformation he had :) It was so great to finally meet him after 6 weeks of Sister Keller talking about him every day ;) haha, it was magical :) Sister Keller has Pictures, so I'll get those sent next week :)
It was great to see that old Ward in Fredericia <3 :) I also saw Nunna and Knud Andersen (Grandma and Grandpa's mission pres and wife) again, so if someone in the fam can pass it along, they send their love and warm wishes to Grandma Neoma :) <3 I meant to get a picture with them again, but they were fireballs all over the place!! We'll get one yet!
Yesterday, we also had the wonderful opportunity to put on a Fireside, with the theme ''Mød Mormonerne,'' or ''Meet the Mormons'' in English :) 4 of the members here in the Ward presented their lives, like the individuals did in the film, and it was a wonderful evening! I am blown away by the talents and different life experiences of everyone all around us! We all have a story to tell, and we can bless others by only opening our mouths and sharing with them what we have learned and experienced!!
Thanks for all that you send me in your emails!! It's been great to hear from all of you!! I love you all so much!
I don't have a Whole lot of time this week- it's been a crazy day! In fact, it's going to be a crazy transfer! I will be training a new missionary ( I don't know who she is yet, we'll find out on wednesday!!!), and I have also been called to serve as the Sister Training Leader in our Zone! Soooooo, it's going to be a busy next few weeks!! But I'm thankful for this opportunity to work even harder, in an unexpected way! :) The Lord always knows what's best for us in our lives, and as we accept His will and work our hårdest, He will magnify our efforts far beyond our ability! :)

I hope you all have a great week!!!!
Søster Morgan B Sølberg

Monday, February 15, 2016

Spread Love and Good Cheer

Hi Beautiful Humans :) I hope you have all had a fantastic week! I sure have :)

As I was thinking about what to write home about, I thought strongly impressed to write about time. Haha, that's kind of ironinc as a rather ''old'' missionary, seeing that all the missionaries and members around me are counting down the days and weeks for me already!! Haha, but as weird as it seems that my time as a missionary is ticking away, it feels so totally natural :) Missionary life is a time for us to truly devote ourselves to the Service of the Lord, and as challenging as it is, it prepares os for an even greater challenge- life! The skills I have learned as a missionary aren't only helping me in this sphere of existance, but they will continue to help me as the rest of my post-mission life falls into place :) And let me just say- I am absolutely and 100 % positively excited for everything that is coming in my life :) I'm excited for the blessings that come from being around family and friends, from communicating with anyone, anytime, and for meeting new people and developing new skills and talents :) I'm even excited for all of the challenges and heartache that will come with all of the new fronteirs, because I know that I have grown and developed from other hard situations before! We cannot expect to be happy without expecting to be unhappy- the trick is turining every situation into a learning experience :) While being on my mission, I have been able to revisit previous experiences in my life and come to terms with hard situations, enabling me to change difficult memories into great and joyous lessons learned :) and I hope and pray to continue to be able to do so.

But in regards to the topic- TIME!! It's a tricky little thing! And what's crazy about it is that it's soooooo human! Time is fleeting and very stubborn, and doesn't listen to us at all! But as we learn to use our time wisely, we have the potential to do great and marvelous things :) I have most definitely learned that on the mission! I mean, just look at was is possible with the time span of the past 16 months! In almost a year and a half, I have met thousands of individuals who have changed my life for the better, and I have developed skills that will always be integrated into almost every facet of life! Incredible! If only the same learning process I have had here had been applied to my pre-mission life! Who would I even be, and what would I be able to do?
This life is truly a time for men to prepare to meet God (See  Alma 34:32 )! So what can we do today?
In my own family, we're pretty technologically handy, so I was thinking mainly about my brother and sisters as I organized my thoughts, but I hope that others can get something from this :)
We live in a blessed time- a time where we know that the Lord is hastening His work and preparing many people to truly receive the gospel into their lives :) We have the unique ability in this time we live in to send messages (that once took days and even weeks or months to reach their destinations) in only seconds. We should be using this blessed technology to spread Love and Good Cheer! We should also use it to do meaningful activities, and beware the dangers of allowing the technology to suck away our attention and time. Being a missionary who has not had the aid of technology  (aside from Sister Samsung and the life-saving public computers), I have realized just how much time I wasted with technology before my mission- and boy am I grateful for the chance to start over! I now have just a deeper respect and appreciation for what we can do with the innovations we are blessed with in this century- and it's mind boggling to think about what is soon to come!

We can also learn so much from the technology that we have! We have unlimited resources and information at our fingertips- we can learn/develop a new skill, talent, or hobby! haha, I wouldn't recommend deciding to learn how to crochet and create an entire quilt when you only have 1 month before flying overseas to a new country (haha, whoops- but hey, it turned out great!!), but the possibilities are limitless :)

But technology aside (literally!! Put the phone down!!), we should also be more aware of the people around us and what we can do with them :) Go outside! Talk to people! Make a new friend! We all have a part to play in helping others to learn of Gods love for them, and all of His children. Your sphere of influence is unique and blessed to know you! So just open your eyes and do something different! Success never comes from doing nothing! Success comes from trying :)
I have found that my favorite days as a missionary have been the ones when I have made somebody's day better :) Whether I made them laugh or gave them a smile and a wave, when I see other people smile, my heart leaps with joy :) And I know that that joy comes from the little acts of service we can do for others, no matter our means or our circumstances!

So I encourage all of you to shake up your lives and to do something different this week! Reach out to a friend that comes to your mind- reach out, serve, and listen to them :) Use your time wisely, and always be anxiously engaged in a good cause!

I love you all, and I hope that you have a great week!!! <3 Thanks for all of the well wishes :) you're all dolls!!

-Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Søster Morgan B Soelberg

my lovely friends :) Hahaha, Ældste Reimscheussel ( I never know how to spell his name), and Sisters Lyman and Keller

Monday, February 8, 2016

Unexpected Events

I don't have a lot of time today, so I'll just give a quick overview of the mainly entertaining but unexpected events of this past week-

¤ Last Pday was pretty exciting in and of itself- after the excitement of partying it up with the Elders and a member named Jonas (Jonas is teaching us the excitement of creating RPG characters in a world and game that he created. Oh the things you learn on a mission! hahaha), Sister Keller and I headed into Copenhagen again for a meeting, and somehow on the way back, we got onto the wrong train - how many times has this happened now? I've lost track. It was in the right direction, but the train didn't stop in Slagesle before going onto another island (from Sjælland to Fyn), so we had to jump off the train in Odense and hitch another ride back to Slagelse! haha, it was really exciting! But the train adventures didn't stop there last week!

¤  I had the first of my Departing Missionary Meetings/Interviews (this one was for the missionaries with 8 weeks left) Thursday morning in Copenhagen, so we headed down to the Big City again. The day was really wonderful: we (the 3 missionaries leaving next transfer) talked with President O'Bryant and discussed Goal setting, we met the new missionaries that have come into the mission (they had their One-Month meeting the same day), and we even got to go to the Copenhagen Temple :) It was a wonderful day! I learned so much!

¤ On the way back home from Copenhagen, I was pick-pocketed!! Goodbye to all of my photo identification and money! But don't worry, almost everything has been figured out, and hopefully nothing too bad comes out of what was stolen. I was able to call home in time to get my personal card cancelled, but the theif ran off with a good chunk of mission money. But strangely enough, the second I realized my wallet had been stolen, a thought popped into my head saying, ''don't worry, someone else must have needed the money.'' I've been blessed and have been taken care of, and I have enough funds to keep going, so don't be worried :)

¤ We had wonderful contacting experiences on the trains/busses :) Public transportation really is such a wonderful thing!

¤ I was truly humbled by two of my favorite people here in Slagesle. There are two women I have frequent contact with who are restrained to wheelchairs- one being a member, and the other woman a friend investigating the church :) On two occasions this week, both of the women showed Christlike love for others around them, despite their personal hardships. In one of their prayers, they prayed that all others who were ill and down-trodden would be lifted and healed- my eyes were so teary as I  considered her own condition and faith. Another bore testimony of the joyful life she has lived, and that she feels undeservedly blessed, though she has been confined to a wheelchair her entire life because of polio and the struggles that have been in her life because of that! I feel so blessed to get to know these strong women and feel of thier love and testimonies!

¤ Sister Keller completely wiped out in the church hallway as we were hurrying to beat the Elders to the computers. Wet weather and walking-worn down boots do not provide for safe travel while in a hurry! It made all of our days!

¤ Learning a second language has completely destroyed my ability to organize my thoughts properly in either language! haha, I guess that just means I have a lot of work to do, yet! One of my favorite jibberish sentences that came out of my mouth this week was ,''She makes me so laugh!'' The message of the phrase can only be interpreted that I was happy, and thus, my brain was completely blown, inhibiting my ability to properly communicate.

I hope that you can all have a continued good week (again, the danish phraseology is taking over). I love you all so much, and I look forward to hearing from you all again next week :) <3

-Sister Morgan Soelberg

I found another cat! haha, and this one likes to sit on people's shoulders! Seriously the most friendly cat I have ever hilst på!!
And as you can see, Denmark has made my hair a bit curly!! Strange, right?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Miracles x 100!

Wowee has this week been full of excitement, or what??
Let me just recap a few of the events that happened:

¤ We took an exciting trip down to Copenhagen for a doctors appointment that actually ended up never happening! So really, we just lost a day of being in our area! In the midst of the frustration that was that day, we  ate some great food and ended up in the shot of a tv show being recorded! I also lost my planner in the Copenhagen Library (I have no idea how I will ever get that back), 2 busses refused to admit us entry (busy city life, you know, it's crazy), we were cat-called by punks at the Central Station, and we dropped one of my gloves in the road, which then got ran over by a bus..... It was after all of this that we were informed that the appointment we were supposed to go to was cancelled and that we just needed to travel the hour long train ride back to Slagelse after getting practically nothing done. I truly and legitimately turned to Sister Keller and said, ''I am 100% DONE with today!'' and then my mind turned to the day a few weeks ago with Sister Perkins when absolutely NOTHING was working out, until the very end. I took a deep breath, said a prayer in my heart, and prepared myself for the miracles that were sure to come.
We bought some hot chocolate, and as we hopped back onto the train to travel back to Slagelse, we situated ourselves facing the direction of the door we had just come through. The Zone leaders then called us, so I was busy talking on the phone when all of a sudden, a man that I contacted and taught for a little while an entire year ago in Fredericia (my baby district area!!) came onto the train from the door we had just entered. I freaked out and called out to him, asking if he remembered me, and he sat down in our booth, really excited to talk! It was a great moment, being able to catch up with him and his life- and it was very strange telling him that all of the missionaries he knew from a year ago (except for me) were home now! Trippy! Of course, the conversation merged it's way into the Gospel, and Sister Keller and I both experienced the greatest and beloved feeling of testifying to this man. I felt that this gave me another chance as a more experienced missionary to help this man understand the importance of the gospel!
In the end, he still wasn't interested in learning more, or really even trying to find out for himself, but there were people in the same train car who we caught watching/listening to us. One never knows, the environments we're in could be filled with people who learn something from your example and testimony :) We both felt the Spirit burning within us, and the closest explanation I can give that comes close to that feeling would be going into The Avatar State! haha, so just imagine that the next time you're testifying!! Imagine that, and own it!

¤ We met with our dear friend Sandor, and I experienced once again one of the sweetest moments a missionary can have- We were testifying to Sandor of the existance of God, and it was incredible! We have come to discover that Sandor and I havevery similar personalities and manner of thinking, as well as a lot of the same interests (so I'm pretty much a 28 year old Hungarian man), so the way I was explaining the doctrine really hit home with him. There was a moment when I finished saying something, and Sandor just paused, took a breath, and we could just see the wheels in his head turning as he understood what had just been said. He then looked me in the eye and said, ''Wow! I guess I had never thought about it that way before- thank you!'' My heart just leaped with joy inside of me as I realized that I had just played a part in helping this beloved son of God learn more about the reality and truthfullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 
I felt the Spirit as I taught Sandor from my heart and my own life experience, and I recognize that it was the Spirit that carried the message to his heart, and not me. How incredible is it that God can work through our own lives to impact the lives of others? I am eternally grateful for that tender experience!

Haha, and here to break the moment, a drunk man (who has harrassed us before) came up to Sister Keller and I in the middle of this lesson with Sandor (we were on a bench outside) and started bashing us and getting up in our faces- but Sister Keller and I stayed calm and tried giving the man a Book of Mormon (which he didn't take! Come on!). It must have been pretty amusing to watch, thinking about it- two girls in skirts, ages 19 and 20, totally owning the situation and winning against an angry drunk man. Sandor doesn't speak Danish, so he didn't understand what the man was saying, but he could understand the body language- he was on the edge of his seat the entire time, just in case anything bad happened, but he actually enjoyed watching us take the verbal blows and shut down the negativity in the air by testifying. Wow, it was just such a fun thing to experience!!! I can't even describe the situation clearly enough to help you picture it perfectly!

But all in all, in was a great experience, and Sandor actually expressed that he was glad he could see us in that situation- he said it spoke volumes of how we act under negative pressure, and I get the feeling that we must have passed some kind of mental test that Sandor placed us under, if that makes any sense!

¤Another exciting part of this week was exploring some castle ruins (and taking hipster pics) with the Elders here in Slagelse -->

​It was a pretty exciting Pday activity!! There's no better place than Europe! 

I hope you all have a great week :) I'm excited to hear about all of your own adventures and experiences!! Good luck with everything coming up this week!! 

Med kærlig hilsen,
Soelberg Morgan Søster