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Monday, November 16, 2015

Vær et Mirakel til Dem Omkring Dig- Idag!!

We had a wonderful day in Church yesterday :) I had the opportunity to hold a talk, and I think that it went very well indeed :) It's amazing to me how we can come to the point where Danish just comes naturally, and while there were things I tried saying that didn't quite fit with Danish wording, I was able to find ways around the different grammar structure! haha, it was really fun :)

This week has been incredible in the miracle department! We have had SO MANY wonderful opportunities to jump in for a second into the lives of other people, and be that means by which God reaches out to His children. In many of the street and door contacts we have made, we have really had the chance to make a difference in the life of the individual we were talking with. One of my favorite contacting experiences(ther are really too many to list) from this week was just this past sunday morning- there are two wards here in Odense that meet at different times, so we don't have church until 14:00-17:00 ; that gives us a lot of time to contact outside in the morning hours :) So yesterday morning, we were out talking to lovely humans when we started talking to a man about how he feels about his own personal relationship with God. As the conversation progressed, his face lit up with the spirit, and we could tell in his eyes that he could feel the Love of God, which we strive so hard to let these people feel. A lot of people in the world believe that these Scandinavians are hard and cold people, but I have found quite the opposite :) they are actually very sensitive when placed in a comfortable situation, and what is more comfortable than on a wooded path by a river?? :) haha, thank goodness for beautiful scenery!!

I have found so much joy this week in going out and spreading good cheer- and I'm super stoked for this upcoming Christmas season in Denmark! The Christmas lights are all up (but not turned on yet), and New Years fireworks have already started going off! haha, these Danes sure do love their holidays! They go all out!!

Greatest Challenge of the Week:
  • Litterally like, 30 minutes ago- realizing that my little sister will be going to college with me the next time I step foot on a university.......Life is rough

3 Best Parts of This Week:
  1. Singing a duet with Sister Orr at the Single Adults activity on Thursday :)
  2. Testifying to a train full of people (like, literally standing up and explaining to mulitple people) the joy and love I feel through living the Gospel of Christ and Why on earth I'm giving 18 months of my life as a full-time missionary declaring the Gospel!
  3. Feeling the Holy Spirit testify to my heart bits and pieces of answers to questions in my heart :) It's always so great to come one step closer to understanding the big picture!!

Favorite Quote of the Week:
''Vi har kraft nok for at vælge vores ønsker, og hvad vi gør med tiden vi har.''

Playing UNO with the Sister Training Leaders (In total, we have [clockwise] sisters Landvatter, Ackerman, Mandla, Soelberg, Sorensen, and Orr) after Daily planning- if you look close enough, you can see the appearance of a christmas tree on the table, and a stocking hanging on the door :) we're getting the season started a little early!!

I hope you all have a fantastic Week!! <3 I love you all!!

-Søster Soelberg

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