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Monday, November 23, 2015

Gå ud og skab lidt Magi til Minderne

It's been an increeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedible week!! I feel like I have learned and experienced soooo much these past 7 days! <3 It's been absolutely incredible!

The week started out a little slow and down, but that only means that it can go straight up! Last Sunday (Nov 15) I was thinking a lot about some things we had been talking about in Relief Society about life and goals, and I got thinking about how much I want to do with my life with soooooooo little time to do it all! But alas, in the moment of utter despair (which wasn't really soooo utter despair-y) I sat down and penned out some intense goal setting! Haha, it was super weird, but super fun! I would really recommend it to you all to do that once in a while; review previous goals and make new ones! And with the New Year coming up right around the corner, it's the perfect time and season! I loved what President Monson has just said in the latest Liahona -->
''There is yet time this year to extend the helping hand, the loving heart, and the willing spirit—in other words, to follow the example set by our Savior and to serve as He would have us serve.''
 I Think this season is the perfect time to truly become that miracle to other around you (shoutout to Mosiah 8:18, one of my favorite scriptures!!).
There are so many people around us, every day and in every place! One of my biggest goals on the mission has been to make people smile, no matter the situation! It has taken a lot of effort and learning to be able to express my own personality in Danish, and while the language still isn't perfect, I have had so many wonderful experiences helping others to see that I am my own person, and that I have a brain and feelings! There is no greater joy than that of testifying to others using the song of your heart. We are all 100% individual, and we can all influence other people in specific ways! 

My challenge for you all this week is to recognize a talent that you have, and use it to help and serve someone else! Maybe you can help each other out by acknowledging one anothers talents and coming up with a ''game-plan'' on how you can do better to help the family/community around you :) ''Gå ud og skab lidt magi til minderne!!'' (Go out and create magical memories!!)

Three of my favorite things this week:
Hearing the Primary sing and testify during Sacrament meeting
Meeting with one of my favorite best friends in Denmark- Jacqueline!! She's from Nigeria and is studying here in Odense! Her sincerity in learning the gospel is so amazing <3
Eating my most favorite pastry in Denmark. At last!! I have found the best pastry ever!! It's called a ''Julehorn,'' so it's a Christmas specialty, complete with Marcipan, Orange, and Chocolate!! I shout out to the film '' the Swan Princess'' as I ask, '' What else is there??''

I hope you all have a fantastic week, and A WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!! I look forward to hearing from you all next monday!! 

Søster Soelberg

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