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Monday, May 4, 2015

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

(in reference to the title) - Not really, but Kinda. In the sense that I'm no longer on Mainland Europe (whaaaaaaat), I am beyond the sea thanks to bridges and trusty under-water trains!! :) 
so Transfers happened this morning!!!! Wahoo, and whudda-ya-know, I transferred!! I spent almost 6 months in Vejle, but here I am!- a new city!! :)
I'm in a Delightful little town called Roskilde, and -fun fact- it was Sister Woster's greenie area :) How sweet is that!!?? when we found out on Thursday, Sister Woster freaked out she was so happy, and she gave me the run-down (all the stuff that I hadn't already heard) about her beloved Roskilde :) And boy oh boy, I already love it :)

​​​My new companion is sister Hannah Noorda, whom I actually already met and friended on Facebook before our missions :) We also had splits together my very first transfer! It's great to be back with this delightful little ray of sunshine, and this time, for a much longer time than 24 hours!! :) I'm excited to get this companionship going!! :)

But I guess I can't really say much about Roskilde yet, because I just got here - I can, however, say how much I loved being in Vejle for one last week :) We pretty much figured I would be heading out and going to a new part of the Land.
We were able to stop by so many lovely people I've worked with in the almost 6 months of being there. They're all great, and I just pray and hope that I was able to make some kind of impact on their lives! I will always remember them <3

Vejle had so many ups and downs while I was there! It was in Vejle that I was taught what it really means to be a missionary, and how I could acheive that - not only on the mission, but also how I can continue to be an example to those around me for the rest of my life! My two lovely companions, Sister Sorensen and Sister Woster, will always be thought of dearly - they taught me so much about myself and about the love they have for the Gospel and for Christ!! If I could only hope to be as slightly amazing as they are!! Keep doing well, my beloved Sisters!! :)

* * * * * * * * * * *

Denmark just keeps on surprising me with new beauty unfolding every day :) The springtime has the appearance of lovely yellow fields of flowers...........

​and of course, the photographer in me couldn't help it. I had to get some pictures with it :) These are all thanks to the talented Elder Brady Eisert, who is on his way home from his mission this week!! Held og lykke, oh ha' det godt, god ven!!

I also got to feed some ducks on a whim! When a duck walks up to you, you can't help but share the (weird tasting European) Oreos in your bag (because they really taste too un-American to eat them yourself)!!

* * * * * * * * * * *

All in all, it was a great week, but I'm to much of an airhead to really remember anything that happened. But that's what we have journals for, right??? :) Right!!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!! I'll try to be more descriptive with the happenings in Denmark from now on!! Another week brings another opportunity to improve!!! :)

I love you all :) And have a fantastic Mothers Day!! <3

-Morgan B Soelberg

Ps- if you sneezed at any point while reading this email - Prosit!! - (bless you :) )

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