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Monday, May 18, 2015

Singing, Raining, and Eating Cake

I actually don't have a lot of time to email today - hahaha, I got pretty distracted answering a ton of questions from my darling cousin Dane - He's coming here to Denmark!!! :D I'm so excited to see him here and serve with him the last 6 months of my mission!! :)
But before that happens, I've still got a long ways to go!! <3
The mission has been great this week!! It's amazing how quicky time flies by, and how much actually gets done in the short time you have! This past week, sister Noorda and I nearly doubled the amount off lessons we taught last week! Insane!! But super exciting!! :)
We met up again with a wonderful new investigator, I.R., and she's doing so well! She works as a nanny here in Denmark (something I would LOVE to do after my mission), and will actually be heading up to Norway (something else I would love to do) in a few months!! So I'm excited to see how much progress we can help her with while she's here :) While in a lesson, we were talking about the blessings we get from following Christ's example, and how much we love learning about Christ through reading the Scriptures, in the Book of Mormon and the Bible! We were able to give here a copy of the Book of Mormon in her own language, and when her employer asked her about the book, I.R. expressed from her heart how excited she is to read the book and recieve the answers she's been trying to recieve for a long time :) It was a touching moment, and the woman she is working for asked if I.R. would share with her the answers she finds, and she is considering having a copy of the Book of Mormon for herself :)
I love working with all the people here that I meet. I feel like each and every individual I have the opportunity to teach influences my life in many different ways! It's incredible! I only hope that I can have just as much of an impact on them as they have on me :) <3

Yesterday I was able to participate in a concert put on by the stake! It was a mini ''Music and the Spoken Word'' (like what the Mormon Tabernacle Choir does), but in Danish it was called ''Musik og det Talte Ord.'' :) Very exciting! I sang in the ward choir, and had a blast! We also got to hear music from Thomas Ambt Kofod, a Danish actor and singer, who is also a member :) He actually had the role of Christ in the old Bible films for ''The Testaments,'' so that was pretty neat :) I shook his hand and spoke in Danish with him!! hahaha, it was great!!

One bit of exciting adventure - we biked out to a members house to have a lesson, and the bikeride took about 45 minutes, mostly uphill. In the pouring rain. yeah, it wasn't really that fun! but we got there safely (and we haven't gotten sick yet!!), and then we just had to watch out and try not to step on all the giant snails and slugs that came out after the exciting weather!! 

we got pretty wet, but at least the grass is green!! hahaha

We also had a great eating appointment with a Norwegian woman in our ward. Yesterday was a national holiday in Norway, so we wore the Norwegian flag in her home while there :) hahaha, it was great! And I absolutely love that I can understand what she says, even though she's speaking Norwegian! It takes a half second more to understand, but for the most part, it's a piece of cake - and we celebrated with one!! :D

​Then we got lost in Copenhagen trying to get to the concert mentioned above - but we made it!
We got lost in Copenhagen again today as Sister Noorda and I tried making our way to an immigration center to renew my visa- but we made it and got it all taken care of!! Today marks 6 entire months of being here in Denmark!! I'm absolutely loving it!! <3

I'm excited to have another great week here with Sister Noorda :) we've had a blast so far!! I can't believe we're heading into the halfway mark of this transfer already! Time really does fly by too fast!!!

I hope you all have a great week!

Sister Soelberg

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