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Monday, April 20, 2015

It's going

Hi All!! I hope you've all had a great week!! :D The weather is just beautiful and perfect and everytime I go outside, I just die because it's just so beautiful outside!!! <3 :)
Nothing too exciting happened this week!! The Work goes forward, and we had a fantastic time talking to lots of people and going on Splits with the Sister Training Leaders in Horsens :) I love that Little city so much! If I was to move to Denmark, right now, the first city I would pick would be Horsens! And then Kolding! But that would be such a big dream come true! :)
Another one of our investigators also accepted a Baptismal date! We met with him for the 2nd time this past week, and he told us that he had read the entire Book of Mormon and was willing to continue to learn more, and Work towards the Date that we presented him with to be baptized :) He's very sweet, and even told us about a short-cut to get back Down the hill from an area we're always in! hahaha, what a sweet-heart.
Speaking of sweet-hearts (but not really), while in Horsens, Sister Van Orden and I had a pretty entertaining experience. We were on our way to an appointment, when a drunk old man stopped us on the sidewalk. Usually, it's great when people contact US while we're walking, just not when the person is drunk! hahaha
He started talking to us, and if there's one thing you should know about Drunk Danes, is that they always switch to speaking in English. So this old guy is speaking really choppy English to us, and he pulls out his phone. He kept asking me if my name really was 'Soelberg,' and I told him it was. At first, I was thinking he was going to say that he was also a Soelberg, but instead, he pulled up a facebook Messenger bubble from his phone, and showed us a conversation he had been having with a woman. Her last name was Soelberg, and the message was pretty sketchy, telling him to go meet her at some place and they'd get cozy, but he kept repeating that I must be that woman, and that it was divine guidance that he had found me walking on the street. We got out of there. Oh, the life of a missionary! hahaha, there are so many interesting conversations and encounters we have!
Our other investigators are doing great! The old woman R I talked about last week is still doing well in her efforts to stop smoking, and our Investigator-Couple, P and S, are continuing in their search for knowledge and light!! :) It's going well!
Søster Woster and I look forward to another amazing week here in Vejle, and we're trying not to focus on the thought that these will be my last 2 weeks here in Vejle, and with Sister Woster! Time for some changes!! :D

the view off the Roof in Horsens :)

Loving Copenhagen!!

​Last Pday, seeing Nyhavn!! :D

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