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Sunday, November 9, 2014


Wowee, my goooood golly, this has been an amazingly beautiful week full of frustration and companionship tears, but also full of laughter and happiness, feeling the amazing love that our Heavenly Father has for all of His children. He really does care about all of our lives, and wishes us success and happiness.
Over this past week, Sister Mann and I have had the privilege of teaching our three new investigators, Solveig, Joakim, and Hans Erik. Now, I know, you're probably telling me, "Sister Soelberg, you do realize that those aren't "real" investigators, they're just your teachers pretending to be other people!" But sirs and ma'ams, let me tell you something! Our missionary service doesn't start once you get in the field. It doesn't even start once you're set apart. It starts the moment you hear the Gospel and the Holy Ghost testifies to your heart of the truth. The moment you see someone in need, and you realize that that someone needs the Savior's loving touch. I am now set apart as a servant of the Lord, by the power of the Lord's Holy Priesthood, and I will do everything in my power to be a missionary at all times, but I hope you take the opportunity to be a representative of the Lord wherever you are, whoever you're around.
I personally know that this is something I need to do, and I am so thankful to be here at the MTC to better understand how. I have learned sooooo much in the past 3 weeks, not only about how to speak Danish, but also how to be a better missionary and representative of Christ.
I'm so thankful for my teachers. I had the privilege to hear from two of my teachers yesterday, on two separate occasions, about how our lessons, although taught through simple Danish, have gone deep through their facade of an investigator, and touched their own personal hearts. There is power in sharing personal experiences while teaching, as lead by the Spirit. We all gain experiences in this life, and whether they're joyful or heart-wrenching, they enable us to learn and grow, and in turn help others.
I know without a doubt that I am meant to be here right now. Even though I'm sooooo exhausted, it's a good exhaustion, if that makes any sense. I'm pretty sure the only reason any of us are still alive and healthy is because of the Spirit and the importance of the work we're doing. We have to do this. The Savior's work was never easy for Him, so why should it be easy for us?
I'm so thankful for all of the messages I've received!! :) They brighten my week!! And I love all the letters, too!! I wish I had more time to write hand-written letters, but it's just not possible with our schedule right now to get a lot out. I've actually been working on a letter since last Thursday when I have time, and it's still not finished yet!! hahaha
This week we get 22 new missionaries for our Zone!! 19 Dutchies, and 3 Elders headed to the Icelandic portion of the Danish mission :) That's so exciting!! We still need to come up with a nickname for the Icelandic Elders, haha, so if you come up with any, shoot 'em my way, and we'll start a tradition! Sister Mann and I wish we could have more Danes, but we've realized what a blessing it is to be the only 2 Danes in the MTC!
Oh, before I forget, I made 2 Swedes cry yesterday ;) haha, well, I guess it was technically because the Spirit was so strong in our District meeting, but it made me appreciate the tenderness of Elders. They may be right out of High School, but they're not children. These Elders know why they're here, and their Determined to do everything they can to do it right.
Another thing!! I absolutely LOVE praying in Danish!! It's probably my favorite thing to do here!! It just feels so natural, and it's such a soothing language to me :) I really hope I can find someone going to BYU-I to help keep up my Danish after I come home! One of the Nords, Elder Phipps, is headed up to Rexburg when he gets home 6 months after me, and since the languages are so similar, maybe we can help each other with that. Sister Mann is headed to Provo when we get home, but maybe another companion will know which school is really better ;) hahaha

Oh, and I'm now District Sister Training Leader! Since it's only Sister Mann and I in the district, we just switched our roles halfway. So Now I'm District Leader and Junior Companion, and Sis Mann is Sr Companion :)

Let me know if there's anything else you want to know!! Send me Dear Elders!! It's great hearing from all of you :)

Jeg elsker jer!! :)
-Søster Soelberg

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