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Monday, November 24, 2014

THE LAND * Week One

Alright, first Things first - this Danish keyboard is horrible!! The keys are all different, and the computer keeps saying my Words are all spelled wrong, and it'll randomly capitalize Words!! hahaha, but here I am, in a Danish library, surrounded by Danish speakers with Danish books, and the sun blinding me through the window! Which I guess is really a good thing - the sun is still shining! hahaha, I'll miss it in a few weeks!!
But why on earth am I starting like this?? In case you haven't been updated in a while - I'm in Denmark!! I am actually physically literally in The Land!! And my good golly, it feels great!! A Little chilly, but totally great! It really does look like a fairy tale everywhere here, and even though I have absolutely no idea what the signs say or exactly where the buses or trains are taking me, I could walk around outside for hours!!
But I guess to start Things off right, I'll give you the Little rundown of the goings on ~~~

Mandag - Goodbye MTC!! It's been great, and I beat the MTC experience steriotype by actually losing weight, despite all the icecream and burgers! hahaha, but that luck probably won't last for long! Everyone was super sad that the two Little Danes were leaving, but we're all super excited! The Nords head out to the field today (the monday I'm writing this! Good luck everyone!
So Monday rolls along, and Sister Mann and I left super early, and even though we had a bit of a stressful morning making sure we had everything, we made it to the airport and somehow caught all of our flights! Definitely tender mercies in that experience! While we were waiting for our flight to London, we made it to our almost empty terminal, and were a Little confused about where we should go. We kept on hearing a mans name being called (he was the last passenger they were waiting for) to the terminal NeXT to us (like, seriously, his name was called about 4 or 5 times), also going to London, and we eventually realized our flight was merged onto that same flight. We ran over, and the mans name was being called Again, but it wasn't until the woman at the desk realized we were supposed to be on that flight and had given us tickets for it that the man showed up. We definitely realized the Little Blessing that had been.
And then we flew across The Pond.

Tirsdag:  Welcome to Denmark!! And by golly, were we tired!! That day, we were greeted by Pres and Sis Sederholm, and had delicious Danish food :) No lie, it's a good thing all my skirts have growing room ;) hahaha
We met up with two sisters who would be our companions, but we wouldn't know until the Next day, but we walked around Copenhagen, and actually did some Danish street contacting :) it was a really neat experience, and definitely not a horrible experience!! We also went to that really cool Church (I'm so horrible, I can't think of the name of it right now) and saw the original Kristus statue, and the statues of the Apostles as well!! And I'm such a cool kid that I left my camera in the car about a block away! hahaha, but fear not, I shall obtain some Photo evidence of it eventually!!
Onsdag: Today is the Day we learn who our companion is and what area we would be in first!!! There were two options : we would either Stay on Sjælland, in København (Copenhagen), or head to Jutland, in Vejle. I'll let you guess before I tell you. That's a horrible thing to do on an email. Don't worry, I'll be smarter NeXT week - I'M IN VEJLE! A cute Little town that's just wonderful :) A fun Little fact for you - the hill we live on is illegal to bike Down because of how steep it is. So that's exciting. And the name of the street adjacent to us is perfect - ''Lille Bjerggade'', som betyder ''Little Mountain Street'' på engelsk. Woah, some Danish popped out. That's cool!
The train ride from København to Vejle was pretty long, but I actually found out I'm in a Tri-panionship right now. Søster Sørensen is my trainer, and Søster Køster is a Dane who just got her Visa for her mission. She's headed to the New Zealand MTC on the 2nd to serve in  Australia Sydney South! But it's been uber great to have her with us :) she helps me with my Danish, which everyone says is impressive for a greenie, but I'm 100% sure they're just being nice!!

Torsdag-Lørdag: I probably really shouldn't mix this all together, but honestly, it's all mushed together in my brain. It's all been a lot of appointments and street contacting, and getting caught in the rain without pina coladas
we got a Little wet in the misty drizzle of death. hahaha, this is going to be great!!
Oh, I had my first Door Approach in Denmark Saturday night!! It was just after we had a really good lesson with a woman from another door approach, so I was in a good spirit! hahaha, I rang on the doorbell, and the Second I had eye contact with the man opening the door, I said ''Hej!!'', but he was already closing the door before he said ''Nej!'' and locked the door. Haha, soooooo that was my very first Danish Door Approach experience! But I'm still willing to do more! Even though mostly no one wants to hear from us on the street, we keep our heads up, and keep working!!

Søndag!!: Sunday was great! We headed to Kirke, sang in the kor, og had a great tid! hahaha, dang, Little Danish Words! Whichever language has the shorter Word, that's probably the one that will come out of my fingers!
But anywho, Sunday went great! All the Little old ladies kept wanting to speak English to me, but I try to respond my best in Danish! But one really cool thing - I was speaking to a woman ( I can't believe her name just slipped my mind!!) who was asking me about some other Sølberg missionaries! Søster Sørensen was certain we weren't related, until the woman mentioned that they were an elderly couple about 15 years ago, when I realized they were talking about Grandma and Grandpa Soelberg!! They were so excited to hear that they knew my Grandparents! This couple I was talking to were actually Grandma and Grandpa's Mission President and Wife when they were serving here in Denmark! I'll be sure to get a Picture with them! We're setting up a meal appointment this week! :)

And here we are on Mandag Again! We've got a full Schedule of only essential pday activities, because we have our District Activity on wednesday! so that's going to be great! Lots of grocery shopping, and a few Things we need for the apartment. Hahaha, I wish you could all see my computer right now, pretty much every Word has the red squiggle underneith, so I have no idea what's spelled correctly and what isn't! So forgive me if I write like a pre-schooler, I have English, Spanish, and Danish jumbled up in my brain right now.  hahaha

Until NeXT Pday!!
-Søster Sølberg <-- I'm totally getting a nametag with an ø in it! then all three of us in our Tripanionship will have ø's in our names :)

You should all know that the licorice here is the craziest thing!! I'll try to get some sent home for Christmas soon! You've never tasted licorice until you've had Ammonium-Chloride enhanced licorice! your mouth will probably die, and you'll suffer, but you'll be so happy you did!!


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