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Monday, November 10, 2014


Good morning!! I hope all is going well!!! :) Today marks the completion of week for in the MTC!! Can you believe that??? I certainly can't! There are so many wonderful people here who I have become so dear friends with, that it's sad to think that in a week and a half, I'll be leaving the MTC and leaving all these great people behind! Our zone is pretty much the best one in the world ;) Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Belgium, and the Netherlands are getting some pretty great people in the next few weeks!

So last week we gained 22 more missionaries in our Zone! 3 Icelandic Elders, 11 Dutch Sisters, and 8 Dutch Elders! The Dutchies have been really isolated their first week, mainly because they're going to all of the orientation meetings, so hopefully Sister Mann and I get to know them a little better before we leave in a couple of weeks! 

The Icelandic Elders are a hoot! One is from UT, the other, I'm not so sure, but the 3rd Elder is actually from Denmark! He's been such a great sport helping Sis Mann and I figure out words and pronunciations! We learned a brand spankin new grammar rule 2 days ago, and we feel like our Danish is a complete flop right now because we just realized we've been saying things pretty wonky this whole time! Haha, but it's coming! I'm sure once we're completely immersed in the Language in Denmark, the rate of learning, because of necessity, will skyrocket!! So that's exciting!

OH! SOMETHING REALLY COOL! Sister Mann and I met Sister Sederholm (President Sederholm's wife) this past Sunday! She had to come to UT on family business, and figured she'd stop by and say hi :) She's so sweet, and she gave us some Kinder chocolate as a late Halloween gift!! I can't wait to see her again with Pres Sederholm in less than 2 weeks! We should be getting our flight plans this week, which is SOOO exciting!

Sister Mann and I finished memorizing The First Vision in Danish this week!!
Jeg så en lyssøjle lige over mit hoved, som var stærkere end solens glans, og som dilede gradvis ned indtil den faldt på mig. 
Da lysset hvilede på mig, så jeg to personer, hvis glans og herlighed trodser enhver beskrivelse, stående over mig i luften.
Den ene af dem, talte til mig, kalte mig ved navn, og sagde, mens han pegede på den anden, <<Det er min elskede søn, hør Ham.>>
So there you go! If Google says something's wrong, I probably just spelled something weird, but I can say it by memory! Danish can be tricky just because you don't pronounce anything the way you'd expect it to be pronounced! But the more I learn of it and how to speak it, Danish sounds so calming and natural to me, which I definitely appreciate!! 

This past Sunday, in devotional, one of the speakers mentioned how we can ask for help by specific angels! I know without a doubt that I have felt Grandpa Soelberg's help with this language, and I am so grateful to have this connection with him, especially since growing up away from family made it hard to have really any memories of spending time with him. But I have definitely received strength, and I can testify that the Gift of Tongues is real!!! <3

We were assigned a new Branch President this past week, and he's already been making some changes to the way our Branch works! Since there are 6 languages learned in our district, our Sacrament meetings have been held in English, and our individual talks have all been in English as well! But our new Branch Presidents wants us all to start saying our talks in our respective mission languages!!! My good golly, this next Sunday will be an interesting one!! And  we don't even know who gets called on to speak until the moment you're called! Wish us all luck!!

As always, my mind is really all over the place, so I'm not sure what I've left out!! Next week, I'll definitely work better at preparing these before I sit down to type it out! Hahaha

I love hearing from all of you! I love hearing about what's going on in your lives!! I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!!

Søster Morgan Sølberg

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