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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

MTC Week 2!!

Can you believe that I've been here long enough to have ANOTHER Pday?? My good golly, I certainly can't! I feel like I've only been here for such a short amount of time, but then, at the same time, I feel like I've already been here for forever!! Holy Guacamole, time is so wacky to me right now. 
But while everything blends together, everyday has such a distinct feeling and it's own designative events! 
Our first week, we taught our first investigator, Benjamin, and with the 5 lessons we were able to give him, he promised he would be baptized when He knew he had the faith he so dearly wanted! So that was really cool! And after learning we wouldn't be teaching Benjamin anymore, we walk into class the next day, and Benjamin ended being our 3rd teacher, Bror Whitlock! 
It's so strange being in a class with only me and Sister Mann. And now we have 3 teachers for only 2 students! hahaha
We have 3 new investigators now, and even though they're being played by our teachers, it's incredible how we are able to distinguish these new individual investigators apart from our teachers' identities! We are now teaching Hans Erik, Solvig, and Joakim! So we're pretty busy remembering who we're teaching when, and what lesson we should be studying. We're also given the opportunity to teach actual Danes in the real world using the TRC, and that will give us the experience of teaching people who are already members! I'm so thankful for these Danish individuals who happen to live in Utah, and are willing to devote time out of their day to help Sister Mann and I improve the skills we are learning, and I hope they don't mind our simple knowledge of the language!!
Sister Mann and I are told that we're doing great in the language, with as much as we know of it after only 2 weeks. Learning a language so fast can be so strange: some days I'm ready to go, doing great at learning Danish, and then, the next day, I'm exhausted and just want to curl up in a ball and listen to Josh Groban all day long! Haha, that's probably the one thing that's the hardest for me here - not being able to listen to my music. It's been a little rough trying to figure out other ways to relax and relieve stress, but I think I've managed it pretty well! And I know that as I try my hardest to follow these rules we have been given, I will be blessed to understand the blessings that come from this challenge.
It's slowly getting chillier here in Utah, and I feel like I'm right at home! I've spent the past 3 falls out here in the west, and though I miss the humidity of the east coast, I'm glad to be in an environment that I'm relatively *recently* used to! And I'll be getting plenty of humidity in Denmark anyway!! But the one thing about East coast falls I particularly miss are the colors!!! There is nothing that can compare to the beauty of the East coast forests changing color! I love hearing from Sister Smart and Sister Ipson and their experiences with their first East coast falls in their missions!! 
Our zone has been constantly changing since arriving here! The first Monday after arriving, all of the previous Nords and Swedes left, and we got a new bunch ( a whole lot of them! Two districts!) the following Wednesday! This past Monday, the Elders headed to Suriname ( a Dutch speaking country right above Brazil) left, and this coming Monday, our Dutchies will be leaving us!! I'm not sure if we are getting any new additions to our zone Today, but we will for sure next Wednesday! It's still really strange to be one of Two Danes in the entire MTC! hahaha
Oh, one of the new Swedish Elders in the Zone is from Eagle, ID, so he knows the Soelberg clan up there!! And Sister Brady, next door to us in the Residence hall, is the cousin of Nichole S :) everyone is so connected!! It's great!!
I ran into Elder Soelberg again the other day, and we were able to figure out that we're pretty distant cousins (obviously)! So Great-great Grandpa William Carl Soelberg, who came to the US from Denmark back in the early 1890s, had a brother named Jens Christian Soelberg Jr. Elder Soelberg comes from Jens Christian Soelberg Jr, so we're related all the way back to Great-great-great Grandpa Jens Soelberg Sr! It's pretty exciting! Elder Soelberg is headed to Romania, where his Mother's family is from! So we are both pretty well connected to our missions :)
I love hearing from each of you!! You are all so great, and I hope you have a stellar week! I'll be sure to have better stuff to talk about next week!! My mind is constantly in a Spiritual high, and it's hard to think about EVERYTHING that has happened!!

Søster Soelberg

Ps- bad hair-days abound in the MTC

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