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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

MTC Week 5!!

Good Morning everyone :) Ah, what a great day!! Pday is always a treat in the middle of the week, but Guess What!!?? And don't say "Chicken Butt!!" because that's not MTC approved!! hahaha, but seriously, I do have something to say - THIS IS MY VERY LAST PDAY IN THE MTC!! The next time you hear from me will be in a week and a half!! But I'm getting ahead of myself here... ahem. Let us continue.
I was better this week and actually planned out this email by writing down things each day hahaha so even though it's not tooooooo exciting, here ya have it:
Onsdag (Wednesday, last Pday after I emailed): Right after finishing my emails, I get dressed up for lunch and the Temple, and you would not believe who I ran into!! S i s t e r  M e l i s s a  K o r m y l o :) Ah, it was so great! She was on her MTC orientation tour, and I was headed somewhere, so we didn't have time to stay and chat. But during this past week, we've been able to see each other some more :) It's kinda sad that I'll be leaving so soon after I get to see Elder Brazell and Sister Kormylo, but it's just time to head out. We'll get some pictures before I leave though! She has some on her computer, but our Pdays are different, so she hasn't had the chance to email them to me before today. I'll get some on my own camera though :)
Torsdag: I RECEIVED MY FLIGHT PLANS AND MY GOOD GOLLY AM I EXCITED!! :) I fly out on Monday, at 3:30 IN THE MORNING. I'm not going to share everything on here, but I do have a 4 hour layover in the States where I can call home for a bit, and then I have another 2 hour layover in Europe before finally getting to Copenhagen Tuesday Morning. So Mom and Dad, don't be busy Monday around Noonish!! I'm so excited, but it doesn't feel 100% real yet!! Aah, my good golly, it's amazing!
Fredag: We got to teach our Teachers as themselves: just Bror Williamson and Søster Taylor though, I don't think we'll get the chance to do it with Bror Whitlock. But it was really amazing! This past week we've been focusing mostly on TEACHING PEOPLE, NOT LESSONS, so I really appreciated the time they put into our scheduling to let us experience them as themselves. 
Lørdag: WE JUST HAD PRETTY MUCH THE BEST LESSONS IN THE WORLD!! I love teaching our investigators, even though they can be stubborn and difficult!!
Søndag: Today was the first Sunday where we were expected to give our talks entirely in our mission language. It was interesting, seeing that there are 6 languages in our Zone, but it was really pretty cool. Søster Mann and I didn´t speak, so we´re totally expecting to Next Sunday. But two Nords spoke, and they were great, and we can actually understand Norwegian, so it was really awesome :)
Mandag: Nothing too exciting, other than it being the last Monday in the MTC
Tirsdag: Today was the Last Tuesday devotional in the MTC!! We sang ''Praise to the Man'' in Choir, and I got to sit beside Søster (or Irma/Sister) Kormylo, and it was really great!! The Spirit was so strong in the meeting, and I'm thankful for the things spoken! We heard from Dean M Davies, 2nd counselor in The Presiding Bishopric and his wife, Sister Darla Davies.
and back to Onsdag!!: well, this is my last Pday in the MTC!! I can't believe it's already gone by so fast! Sis Mann and I have a lot to do before we leave: we just bought our Prepaid Phone Cards for the airport, and we're figuring out if there's anything we want to send home before flying out. We only have One lesson left with each of our investigators, which is sad, and I'm admittedly a little nervous coming into an actual persons real life once I get to the field! THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! But I know that The Lord will help me as I put my Trust in Him!!

As always, I love hearing from all of you :) I wish you the best this week! As soon as I find out what my new address is, I'll let my parents know, or if you want it directly, I'll send you a message :)

Ég elska Þig (''I love you all'' in Icelandic!!)
Just a quick note, because people have asked: I will not be going to Iceland because it's only open to Elders right now! And it's a specific call to the Danish Mission, Icelandic Speaking :( so sad, haha, but, Danish is cool too ;)

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