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Monday, February 29, 2016

It's a Girl!

Dear Friends and Family!!!! It has finally happened- my mission posterity will continue on through the generations of missionaries that arrive here in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission- may I introduce to all of you my ''daughter,'' Søster Hayley Sorensen!! >>

​She is such a fantastic missionary, and we have had an absolute blast together so far :) She hails from the magical and far-away land of Delta, Utah, and she is so prepared to be a missionary! I find it a bit amusing that my own trainer was named Sister Sorensen, and now I get the opportunity to train the next Sister Sorensen :) It's pretty great ;)

We've had a great week here in the mission!! My first week as Sister Training Leader (STL) went down without a hiccup! We had our Mission Leadership Meeting this week, so Sister Sorensen got a chance to go and chill with 2 of the sisters from her Group that just came in- the three of them had 24 hours to themselves, and did a wonderful job getting around their area and teaching people on the street, in busses, and at a lesson :) And may I just add that their Danish is all really great! They have a wonderful mission ahead of them!

This week has been full of get-to-know-yous and saying goodbye--- We said goodbye to Sister Keller as she headed up to Birkerød after only 1 transfer here in Slagelse, and she's doing really well :) I've had a chance to chat with her on the phone for a Little bit :) She's a wonderful missionary <3
I got Sister Øgaard as a companion for half the week while we both waited to recieve our new missionaries

and we had a great time enjoying Danish pastries and train-rides!! Sister Øgaard has been in Denmark for 12 weeks and is now training a new missionary! She'll do wonderfully well :) Such a strong Sister!
And finally, we learned that Sister Sorensen was coming to Slagelse with me :)
which is really aweome :) She's going to love it!
We've already had some great miracles happening at the beginning of this new transfer- Sister Sorensen contacted a woman on the street, and we are now building a great relationship with her. We'll be visiting her a friend of hers this week, and we're really excited for that! What a great way to start of a new companionship!

I would just like to say that I absolutely LOVE this Ward that we are in- the members are just fantastic and so willing and ready to help with the missionary Work that is going on in Denmark- they have welcomed Sister Sorensen in with open arms, and are finding ways to bring more people in awareness of the message we have to share with people :) In fact, tonight I will be teaching the YSA in the Ward and their friends how to knit ( I never thought that would be a Means of missionary Work in denmark! but værsgo!)
(we used this Picture as an ''advertisement'' for the activity tonight!)
you never know what talents and skills will aid in helping people build friendships and relationships! We all have those awkward Little Things that can be used for something!! Now I just need to figure out how to explain knitting techniques in Danish!!
Our Ward has also started a Drawing and Painting class open to the public, and it's been going very well!! There is a woman who comes, and who can feel the love and Spirit that is in the Church :) She is Warming up to the idea of actually coming to a Gudstjeneste at some point :)
Sister Sorensen and I are also holding a Family History class this coming Thursday, and we are expecting a good turnout :) the previous one we did went very well :)

Haha, I really have no idea what to even say in this email......I mean, other than the fact that it's been a great week and that I'm absolutely loving training Sister Sorensen! :) Life is really going well, and I'm excited for all that this next week (and this next transfer) will bring :) Life goes on, and new things need to be experienced <3 So here's to learning new things!

I hope you all have a fantastic week! I love you all <3

we found some pants in our Apartment and took some ''mermaid'' shots- we're supposed to be in swimming poses!! :) this is going to be a great companionship ;)

-Søster Morgan Brooke Soelberg

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