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Monday, February 8, 2016

Unexpected Events

I don't have a lot of time today, so I'll just give a quick overview of the mainly entertaining but unexpected events of this past week-

¤ Last Pday was pretty exciting in and of itself- after the excitement of partying it up with the Elders and a member named Jonas (Jonas is teaching us the excitement of creating RPG characters in a world and game that he created. Oh the things you learn on a mission! hahaha), Sister Keller and I headed into Copenhagen again for a meeting, and somehow on the way back, we got onto the wrong train - how many times has this happened now? I've lost track. It was in the right direction, but the train didn't stop in Slagesle before going onto another island (from Sjælland to Fyn), so we had to jump off the train in Odense and hitch another ride back to Slagelse! haha, it was really exciting! But the train adventures didn't stop there last week!

¤  I had the first of my Departing Missionary Meetings/Interviews (this one was for the missionaries with 8 weeks left) Thursday morning in Copenhagen, so we headed down to the Big City again. The day was really wonderful: we (the 3 missionaries leaving next transfer) talked with President O'Bryant and discussed Goal setting, we met the new missionaries that have come into the mission (they had their One-Month meeting the same day), and we even got to go to the Copenhagen Temple :) It was a wonderful day! I learned so much!

¤ On the way back home from Copenhagen, I was pick-pocketed!! Goodbye to all of my photo identification and money! But don't worry, almost everything has been figured out, and hopefully nothing too bad comes out of what was stolen. I was able to call home in time to get my personal card cancelled, but the theif ran off with a good chunk of mission money. But strangely enough, the second I realized my wallet had been stolen, a thought popped into my head saying, ''don't worry, someone else must have needed the money.'' I've been blessed and have been taken care of, and I have enough funds to keep going, so don't be worried :)

¤ We had wonderful contacting experiences on the trains/busses :) Public transportation really is such a wonderful thing!

¤ I was truly humbled by two of my favorite people here in Slagesle. There are two women I have frequent contact with who are restrained to wheelchairs- one being a member, and the other woman a friend investigating the church :) On two occasions this week, both of the women showed Christlike love for others around them, despite their personal hardships. In one of their prayers, they prayed that all others who were ill and down-trodden would be lifted and healed- my eyes were so teary as I  considered her own condition and faith. Another bore testimony of the joyful life she has lived, and that she feels undeservedly blessed, though she has been confined to a wheelchair her entire life because of polio and the struggles that have been in her life because of that! I feel so blessed to get to know these strong women and feel of thier love and testimonies!

¤ Sister Keller completely wiped out in the church hallway as we were hurrying to beat the Elders to the computers. Wet weather and walking-worn down boots do not provide for safe travel while in a hurry! It made all of our days!

¤ Learning a second language has completely destroyed my ability to organize my thoughts properly in either language! haha, I guess that just means I have a lot of work to do, yet! One of my favorite jibberish sentences that came out of my mouth this week was ,''She makes me so laugh!'' The message of the phrase can only be interpreted that I was happy, and thus, my brain was completely blown, inhibiting my ability to properly communicate.

I hope that you can all have a continued good week (again, the danish phraseology is taking over). I love you all so much, and I look forward to hearing from you all again next week :) <3

-Sister Morgan Soelberg

I found another cat! haha, and this one likes to sit on people's shoulders! Seriously the most friendly cat I have ever hilst på!!
And as you can see, Denmark has made my hair a bit curly!! Strange, right?

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