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Monday, March 7, 2016

The Parable of Knitting

Hello Friends and Family!! I hope you have all had a great week!! This weeks email will be a little short- so please forgive me :)
I just wanted to let you all know how wonderful this week has been!! We had a wonderful evening last monday with the YSA at FHE- I taught everyone how to knit and crochet! haha, it was pretty entertaining seeing people try it out for the first time in their lives! Sister Sorensen came up with the perfect lesson that can be learned from it - in my paraphrasing of her words, she said ''I didn't believe Sister Soelberg one bit! I didn't believe that I could actually make something out of a string of yarn and two needles. I didn't even believe that the knotted mess in my hands could start to look like a project! But with time, and a few redos, the mess slowly turned into something beautiful!'' Sister Sorensen went on to explain that it can be compared to the grand scheme of life- sometimes, we don't believe The Master Teacher and His plan for us- it just doesn't seem to make sense! But with patience and practice, and maybe a few times of starting over, the things the Lord teaches us and asks us to do start to make sense, and what seemed to be a knotted and confusing mess becomes a beautiful work of art :)
Sometimes our lives can come to be a little confusing- we don't understand all of the twists and turns and pulls that the Lord inspires us and instructs us to take- but as we continue along the path of descipleship and follow the whisper of the Holy Spirit, the confusion will melt away, and we will begin to see the Master Plan. God has a larger and more eternal perspective, and we should always trust His hand in our lives :) We should also develop our ability to discern His will in our lives by striving to follow and understand the promptings of the Spirit. As we trust ourselves, and our Father in Heaven, things will always work out :)
This week, Sister Sorensen and I enjoyed the beautiful adventures of Missionary Work- from friends accepting the invitation to be baptized, preparing and attending a baptism, doing a lot of service, working with lots of members and attending meetings and conferences and appointments in Copenhagen, we've seen a wide range of people and places! But it's been a great week, and we look forward to the coming days ahead :) I hope you have all had a wonderful past few days!! I love you all!! <3

Med kærlig hilsen,
Søster M B Soelberg

nothing like cleaning outside and inside a restaurant in the cold of March!

we had a lovely Zone Conference! It was a weird thing knowing that this will be my last one!

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