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Monday, February 15, 2016

Spread Love and Good Cheer

Hi Beautiful Humans :) I hope you have all had a fantastic week! I sure have :)

As I was thinking about what to write home about, I thought strongly impressed to write about time. Haha, that's kind of ironinc as a rather ''old'' missionary, seeing that all the missionaries and members around me are counting down the days and weeks for me already!! Haha, but as weird as it seems that my time as a missionary is ticking away, it feels so totally natural :) Missionary life is a time for us to truly devote ourselves to the Service of the Lord, and as challenging as it is, it prepares os for an even greater challenge- life! The skills I have learned as a missionary aren't only helping me in this sphere of existance, but they will continue to help me as the rest of my post-mission life falls into place :) And let me just say- I am absolutely and 100 % positively excited for everything that is coming in my life :) I'm excited for the blessings that come from being around family and friends, from communicating with anyone, anytime, and for meeting new people and developing new skills and talents :) I'm even excited for all of the challenges and heartache that will come with all of the new fronteirs, because I know that I have grown and developed from other hard situations before! We cannot expect to be happy without expecting to be unhappy- the trick is turining every situation into a learning experience :) While being on my mission, I have been able to revisit previous experiences in my life and come to terms with hard situations, enabling me to change difficult memories into great and joyous lessons learned :) and I hope and pray to continue to be able to do so.

But in regards to the topic- TIME!! It's a tricky little thing! And what's crazy about it is that it's soooooo human! Time is fleeting and very stubborn, and doesn't listen to us at all! But as we learn to use our time wisely, we have the potential to do great and marvelous things :) I have most definitely learned that on the mission! I mean, just look at was is possible with the time span of the past 16 months! In almost a year and a half, I have met thousands of individuals who have changed my life for the better, and I have developed skills that will always be integrated into almost every facet of life! Incredible! If only the same learning process I have had here had been applied to my pre-mission life! Who would I even be, and what would I be able to do?
This life is truly a time for men to prepare to meet God (See  Alma 34:32 )! So what can we do today?
In my own family, we're pretty technologically handy, so I was thinking mainly about my brother and sisters as I organized my thoughts, but I hope that others can get something from this :)
We live in a blessed time- a time where we know that the Lord is hastening His work and preparing many people to truly receive the gospel into their lives :) We have the unique ability in this time we live in to send messages (that once took days and even weeks or months to reach their destinations) in only seconds. We should be using this blessed technology to spread Love and Good Cheer! We should also use it to do meaningful activities, and beware the dangers of allowing the technology to suck away our attention and time. Being a missionary who has not had the aid of technology  (aside from Sister Samsung and the life-saving public computers), I have realized just how much time I wasted with technology before my mission- and boy am I grateful for the chance to start over! I now have just a deeper respect and appreciation for what we can do with the innovations we are blessed with in this century- and it's mind boggling to think about what is soon to come!

We can also learn so much from the technology that we have! We have unlimited resources and information at our fingertips- we can learn/develop a new skill, talent, or hobby! haha, I wouldn't recommend deciding to learn how to crochet and create an entire quilt when you only have 1 month before flying overseas to a new country (haha, whoops- but hey, it turned out great!!), but the possibilities are limitless :)

But technology aside (literally!! Put the phone down!!), we should also be more aware of the people around us and what we can do with them :) Go outside! Talk to people! Make a new friend! We all have a part to play in helping others to learn of Gods love for them, and all of His children. Your sphere of influence is unique and blessed to know you! So just open your eyes and do something different! Success never comes from doing nothing! Success comes from trying :)
I have found that my favorite days as a missionary have been the ones when I have made somebody's day better :) Whether I made them laugh or gave them a smile and a wave, when I see other people smile, my heart leaps with joy :) And I know that that joy comes from the little acts of service we can do for others, no matter our means or our circumstances!

So I encourage all of you to shake up your lives and to do something different this week! Reach out to a friend that comes to your mind- reach out, serve, and listen to them :) Use your time wisely, and always be anxiously engaged in a good cause!

I love you all, and I hope that you have a great week!!! <3 Thanks for all of the well wishes :) you're all dolls!!

-Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Søster Morgan B Soelberg

my lovely friends :) Hahaha, Ældste Reimscheussel ( I never know how to spell his name), and Sisters Lyman and Keller

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