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Monday, June 15, 2015

Transfer 6 in The Land

Today marks the beginning of a new Transfer, and a new Companionship! A big hearty welcome to Sister Landvatter!!! (I'll have Pictures next week of us :) )

I'm excited to have another great companionship here in Roskilde! The sky is blue and the birds are singing, and we're getting pumped for some great events coming up!

The most exciting news of the week: Our Investigator Britt has a baptismal date :) She is so amazing, and we are so excited that she has taken this leap of faith :) She is working hard on quitting smoking, and has already given up coffee, all on her own!! Way to go, Britt!! :)

Some fun Things from the week:

as a district, we all pitched in to buy this huge icecream cone: 20 scoops with a swirl of soft serve, topped with raspberry sauce and 4 flødeboller! My goodness, it was a treat!

​sister Noorda and I tried catching some Jellyfish in the fjord (in Danish, they're called vandemænd, which translates in to ''Water men''). It didn't turn out so well, we had a couple of issues....

I fed some sheep and a goat!! The Pictures are on Sister Noorda's camera, so I'll get them next week :)

​a lovely view of Roskilde's Domkirken

​ Elders Enniss and Lawless stole my camera while we were walking around Copenhagen this morning

Our investigators are doing well :) We have many wonderful people that we Work with, and I still pinch myself when I think about how Lucky I am to be here and to know them :) wow, life is just wonderful!! :)
​It was super great to hear from all of you this week :) I'm glad that you are all doing so well :D

I hope you all have a fantastic week!! :) I'll talk to you all later!!! :) <3

-Søster Soelberg

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