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Monday, March 9, 2015

What to Say?

Here we are again, a lovely monday, forgetting all the things I wanted to talk about in my letter!! Haha, but I'll try to keep my memory jogged as I get going!

I'm not feeling the best today. It all started just last night! We were biking back from visiting a less active in the hospital- It was about a 10 minute bikeride, a good amount uphill, and we had been fasting all day, so Søster Woster and I were just naturally feeling a little physically run down. When we got in for dinner, I sat down, and my companion graciously made me some chicken and fetched a couple home-made cookies. I felt really weak and as if my blood sugar was just really low. After eating, I was still feeling exhausted, so I layed down for the rest of the dinner hour. At the end, we were about to head out again, when I felt really light headed, so we rested for another half hour, but my heartrate was going crazy!! So we stayed in, tried relaxing, drinking fluids, going through all my symptoms, but my resting heart rate was at abound 80-100 bpm. This morning, after not being able to sleep all night, it was at 100ish, and after walking around and getting ready for the day, it was up to 120 bpm, and after riding my bike to the library just now, it was 144. My companions exercise heart rate is the same as my resting heart rate at the moment. So. I have a doctors appointment set for later today..... They're not too really concerned on the phone.
I don't feel stressed at all, so I have no idea what's going on. Just a foggy head, slight chills and clamminess, dizziness, and a crazy fast heart.
I'll keep you updated... I'd love to have an update right about now, too.

On a better note, I had a wonderful time here in Denmark this past week! We had some wonderful exchanges up in Horsens, which I am convinced is my favorite city in Denmark! It's so adorable, the people are friendly, and I just felt so alive up there! It could have been due to the fact that we stayed in a Castle that night!! No lie!! I'll send a picture :)

We walked and talked all day ( as usual!) We tried not to do anything too strenuous or walk to far though, because I've been having issues with my feet and legs. I had a doctors appointment last week, who reffered me to a physio-therapist to help relieve the uncommon but severe pain that has resulted from me having shinsplints. Walking and biking as a missionary doesn't help at all! The doctors gave me stretches and told me to keep off my feet if I want to move around without the limp-inducing pain! 

Psh! This is missionary life!! Can't keep me down!! 

I'm trying my best though to take the bus as often as possible. I just feel like my body is breaking down after only 5 months on the mission (my 5 month anniversary was yesterday!! :D )

But back to the positives :) This week has been absolutely spectacular in being able to find people to teach! They're all pretty positive, and all have very strong personalities, so it's always enjoyable to see them and talk to them! We've also been having spectacular weather up here in Vejle! The sun is out, and birds are chirping, which brings people outside to talk to :D Det glæder mig til forår!! :)

​The flowers were blooming all over in Horsens!!

Some funny/noteworthy experiences this week that I just don't know how to explain:

We met a German guy on the street who told us he is out and about, backpacking Europe and telling people he's seen Jesus, and wants everyone to know! We had a great conversation with him, but he had strong symptoms of paranoia, as he was constantly looking over his shoulders and mumbling that people were after him to kill him. I hope he has a continued safe trip around Europe.

One of our lovely people we work with who has Schizophrenia broke down during our appointment on Tuesday. She slipped into her second personality, which just so happens to be Jesus. We stayed there at her apartment with her, listened to her, and chatted while we waited for her Doctor to come and pick her up. We've since visited her in the hospital, and she's doing better, but is still secured in the facility.
While in the Psychological department on our visit, we were instructed to take off our scarves for our safety. And Both Søster Woster and I were hit on by some of the patients on two seperate occasions. It was an intersting day....

On our way to Horsens for exchanges, we accidently took the wrong train. It was on the same track, but arrived 3 minutes before ours. We didn't realize it until the ticket man was asking for tickets, and very disagreeably accused us of trying to trick the system by using our tickets to Horsens to get us to Aarhus. The woman sitting with us in the booth tried helping us explain it was an honest mistake, but in the end we had to pay for another train ticket to Aarhus, and then another ticket to take us from Aarhus to Horsens. Fun. But we had great conversations on our extra hour of traveling around Denmark.

I can't think of any other funny/noteworthy experiences at the moment....

So all in all, it was an interesting, but very fun week! We were going to head up to Kolding today and meet up with the rest of the District at an old castle, but as my health is not being agreeable, we've decided to take it easy. But fear not, eventually, I will hae a great castle tour while here in Danmark!! :)

I hope my email was a bit exciting! My mind is kinda frazzled and all over the place, so I hope you could understand it :)
Have a great rest of your week, and I'll talk with you all next Monday!! :)

Jeg elsker jer!! <3

Søster Morgan B Soelberg

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