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Monday, March 16, 2015

It just keeps getting better!!

Good news - I'm still alive :) But sadly, the problem has not, as of yet, been discovered! 
Last Mandag, I headed to the Doctor after buying our groceries, and I had an EKG (electrocardiogram) done, but of course, my heartrate was completely normal when they took it. Apparently, going to the doctors is very calming (what??). hahaha, but of course, I haven't had any improvement since. The doctor didn't know what to tell me, because I'm not dehydrated, my diet is fine, and I rest enough. I'm thinking it's just all boiling down to stress -  now I only have to find out where the stress is coming from!! Hahaha
But in any case, I'm keeping an eye on it. You'll probably find out if I die.... just kidding. But really....
But it's been a better week than the best weeks :) So that's fantastic! Søster Woster and I headed to a refugee camp this past week, and the second door we  knock on played out like this-

Missionaries: ''Snakker I dansk??'' (Do you speak Danish?)
Family: ''Do you speak English??''
M: ''Yes, we do!''
F: ''Then come on in!! :) ''

We had a great lesson with them :) The family was from Syria, and they absolutely loved talking about religion with us. The husband spoke a bit of English, and the children spoke Danish, and they all spoke Arabic, so they chatted together, and it was so wonderful. After we shared our message and set a day for a return appointment (the family told us we were Welcome to come whenever we were in the area, but we still set a day), they suddenly invited us to stay with them and eat Lunch with them and their friends. The Husband, H, said to us - ''we would absolutely love for you to meet our friends!'' so of course we stayed and met them all and they were all so sweet, and my good golly, that was the most delicious food I had ever tasted! 

I find it so amazing to go out into the world and find people who are just so happy to meet others, and become such fast friends with them! There have been so many people over the past few weeks who are gladly willing to set aside their time to meet with us for a minute or two. It always makes me so happy to meet people who want to talk with us! hahaha, it's sad to say, but there are so many people who don't give us the time of day-but at the same time, I love them still :)

We had a baptism in our District this past sunday!! :D A darling man named Mohammad, who is from Morocco, was baptized and given the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday, and he was so happy :) Sister Woster has been able to translate and speak to him in French, and without her gift to do so, the Elders teaching him had no idea how strong his testimony was!! His story really is a miracle :) Maybe I'll be able to write about it better in another email! But the baptism went great, and I even sang at it! Wowza, that was exciting! We made cake and all, and everyone loved our American brownies that we brought, and it was just beautiful and cheery all around!!! :)

This week has also been super fun with just the missionaries in the District! Last wednesday, for our district lunch after district meeting, we headed to the beach :) It was only about a 5 minute walk from the gågade, and it was SUPER gorgeous :) Pictures galore!!

lovely ocean beach :)

We also headed to that ginormous Castle in Kolding (pronounced Calling) today :) Koldinghus! The story about it is fascinating! If you have any time to spare, and want to study up on Danish castles, I would recommend it!!! The experience of seeing all of Kolding was wonderful, but in the process of taking a group picture, my camera fell off from the fence I had it propped up on due to the wind, but luckily it only fell about 5 feet onto the roof of the castle, and not all the way down to the moat........ That wouldn't have been too fun.....But all is well :) And I have pictures!

nothing like a view of Denmark from atop a castle. And of course, Elder Madsen makes the picture so much better

To end the glory of this past week, Sister Woster and I are combining our area with another area for the last week of the transfer. We are now combined with Horsens, because one of the sisters, Sister Barett, has finished her mission (and extension) and went home today, so we get to enjoy going back and forth between Vejle, Fredericia, and Horsens multiple times this upcoming week!! Wow!!

But here's to a fantastic week!! I hope you all have a great one, because I know I will :)

I love you all!!

Sister Soelberg

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