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Monday, December 1, 2014

Week Two in The Land

This letter may end up being a little shorter this week! I'll try to be understandable!! :)

I hope you all had a woooooonderful Thanksgiving!! Even those of you outside of The States! haha, Thanksgiving is always a great time to remember all the blessings you have been given, and then bless other people! This past week has been amazing! We were able to visit a darling woman named Marianne on Thursday, and it was a lovely visit. Without realizing that it was Thanksgiving, we began a ''Ting jeg er taknemmelig for'' list with her, and it was beautiful! She struggles with extremely bad depression and anxiety, but despite her illness, she was able to smile and laugh and think about  different things she's grateful for! It was very inspiring! Even the very small things in our lives are miracles! We should never take anything for granted!

The Danes make me laugh so much! They're just so happy, and love everything! Even though 95% of the people we talk to brush us off and say they aren't interested, sometimes, you find golden people who are just lovely! This past week, while contacting, we found two different households who seem like great potentials! One woman, Cille, was just delightful! She opens the door, and we explain that ''vi er ud at snakke med mennesker om deres familie!,'' and she just laughs while her cat runs off because of the cold air coming in, and she says ''and about little white cats, too??'' We all had a good laugh, and she was very interested in what we had to say :) it was a wonderful change from our other daily contacting experiences, and we're planning on stopping by again soon. :)

So Søster Køster is leaving this week :( actually, tomorrow! She's been on her mission for 3 months already, but she finally got her visa to head to the New Zealand MTC, and will be headed to Austrailia in a few weeks! It's been so great to have her here! She's been a big help, teaching Søster Sorensen and I the Danish Ways! She's very confused about why Americans (mainly Søs Sørensen, hahaha) put Peanut Butter on so many things! Hahaha, such a doll! But she really is so great :) She finds the scriptures so funny! It's great hearing her chuckle during personal study, and then during Companion study she just bursts out laughing again when she tells us what she read! haha, like this morning, it was about when the people of King Lamoni thought he was dead, but the Queen said that she didn't think he was dead because he didn't stink, Søster Køster thought that was the funniest thing! haha, ooooh man, she'll be loved in Austrailia! 

There are so many funny things that happen when you're an American in a new country! We visit a lovely woman named Emily, a Philipino married to a Dane, and she likes to call the Søsters by their first names. So when she heard mine, in her cute little Phillipino voice she shouts out ''Morgan!? Why are you called Morgan!? That's such a weird name!!'' haha, and then there's Søster Køster, who says I speak the most American English that she's ever heard! 

Oooooh it's really soooo fun here :) I absolutely love it!!! <3 I can't believe I've already almost hit my 2 month mark for already being on a mission! Everything goes by way too fast! Especially study time in the mornings! That's one of the best things of the day! There's just not enough time to study the scriptures enough! I can't wait to devote more than an hour to studying when I'm home again!!

As Fast Sunday comes up this week, I encourage you all to study up on fasting, especially being sure to read Doctrine and Covenants 59:12-16! Fasting is a wonderful experience, and when we remember the promised blessings, that makes it all the better :)

I really wish I could write more concise letters! I feel like I'm always all over the place when I write! But I hope you could understand me, and my love that I have for missionary work already! This is the true Gospel, and I know that with all my heart! It may be hard work, but it's the Lord's work, and it will be done! The Lord is always there to help you in all your trials, just as I know that He is with me to help me in this very different part of my life! I don't know anyone, and I don't speak their language well enough to effectively do anything on my own. But I know that I'm not alone, and that God loves me, and will never abandon me! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I challenge you to recongnize the blessings the Lord has given you, and I would love to hear of the good things happening :)

Oh! and if you haven't already, I encourage you to take a look at the Church's Christmas initiative going on this Month! you can check it out at http://www.mormon.org/christmas !!
Sister Mann and I were lucky, and got to see it back in the beginning of October at the MTC ;) it's great to see it out and about now! <3

Jeg elsker jer!
~Søster Sølberg

a lovely little rainbow brightening our aften after a lovely appointment

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