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Monday, December 22, 2014

Skal vi ikke lave en snemand?

Don't Trust google tranlsate on that one! That's the translation for ''Do You Wanna Build a Snowman''!! :D And good golly, I would love to build one with the little children - but we CAN'T. There's just absolutely no snow on the ground!!

Bam. Proof. That's the view outside the Library window right now. And we're not expecting any snow until after Christmas! And I'm actually not bummed! Hahaha, yesterday was the first day of winter (technically), so there's still plenty of opportunity for Denmark to be blanketed in icy death. BUT TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY!

This week has been a rigtig god (really good) one! In fact ~

¤ I rode a train underwater *in connection with the fifth point

¤ I have now heard what swans sound like. Pure Evil. There is no other way to describe it. If you would like further clarification, see the asterisk below**

¤Tons of train misshaps!! *Also in connection with the fifth point

¤ In the attempt to bake ***cookies at the church building, due to the lack of an oven in our own lejlighed (apartment), we stumbled upon a ''Murder Investigation'' taking place. We were unable to bake our cookies at that tidspunkt (point of time). 

*¤WE WENT TO KØBENHAVN!! Ah man, that was so exciting!! Talk about a busy city! It was actually for my ONE-MONTH-MEETING (which is totally insane, might I add), and it was absolutely glorious :) I met up with Søster Mann again, and that was so great :) We also got to go to the Temple in Copenhagen! And we actually did it in Danish! It was a beautiful experience, and I will never forget it :)

outside of the Copenhagen Temple :) 
Me, Søs Sorensen, Søs Mann, Søs Ripa, and in the back - Ældste Child and Ældste Ockey (the assistants)
And in connection with points 1 and 3 - traveling was an adventure on Fredag!! We were supposed to wake up early in order to catch our  5.40 in the morning train to Copenhagen, but that actually didn't happen. I mean, come on, our bodies are set to wake up at 6.30. But it was actually totally doable, except the alarm was set for 17.00  instead of 5.00, so that was rough. And then on the way back to Vejle, the train we were on was canceled there in the station, so the whole train empties and runs to another platform, on which the train was scheduled to seperate and head to two different places, and even after we got on the right car, they announced they would be stopping early. So we get off the train the farthest it will go before it returns to Copenhagen, and get on a bus for almost 2 hours on the way back to Fredericia, where we can take the train to Vejle. Oh man, what an adventure!! But it was great! 
That morning, after missing our first train, we felt there was a reason for it, and I randomly guessed that there would be a man who we needed to talk to! On both our misshaps, we had wonderful conversations with 2 different men who gladly accepted our card, and though we haven't heard anything from either, they had that initial experience :) so that was great!!

¤ Splits in Odense :D It was gorgeous!! The people we visited were darling, and I am convinced Søster Noorda's bike is better than mine, but she doesn't believe me. The weather was nice to us, and I found a Santa made out of Chocolate!! :D

***¤ That cookie dough we made. We made a lot of it. And by a lot we mean it looked like we had a Christmas ham in our fridge. Pictures will be included.

¤ No recent sightings of Storm troopers.

¤ Another random hailstorm! This time, while biking! Never, and I repeat, NEVER, go biking in a hailstorm! It hurts like the dickens!! Even with a helmet on, and a scarf covering most of your face, it feels like death! But that's not the most exciting part of that storm! I saw a bird get hit by lightning! No lie! I'm facing one way, and Søster Sørensen is facing 180 degrees the other direction --- we see the same exact bolt of lightning across the sky (that's a dang long streak of lightning), and I see a flash and a puff of smoke in sky!! Ah man, how insane is that??

And those are the highlights of this past week! One month down in The Land!! It's seriously going by too fast!! But this week brings us Christmas, and a very happy birthday to little miss Savannah!  

Thank you so much for the letters and Christmas cards :) They make me smile from ear to ear!! I hope you all have a fantastic week, and always remember that the Reason for the Season is Christ :) <3 

Med Kærlig Hilsen,

Søster Morgan B Soelberg 

I can't believe this! Even on a Danish computer, the document I type says my last name is spelled wrong! What is wrong with this world?? Hahaha


**one windy, rainy day, Vejle Søstrene travel to a far-away town in the middle of nowhere, Denmark. Whilst making their way over a bridge, two large swans fly only about a foot over their heads, the sound of pure evil coming out of their freakishly long necks. The girls can not, and could not from that time forth, describe the sound any other way.

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