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Monday, December 15, 2014

Uge fire i Landet

Another beautiful week! Christmas lights are everywhere, people are busy shopping and celebrating and having a grand old time! There's a Danish Word, hygge [kinda pronounced who-guh] , which doesn't translate entirely into English, but it Means Coziness, and Family, and fun, and love, and warmth, and sitting around the fire with a good mug of varm kakao and just being together. I absolutely love it! Jylland is totally my speed. I've only been in København for a day, but later this week I get to go Again for my One Month Meeting, and later today, Søster Sørensen and I are headed to Odense for splits :) Ah, it's going to be great!

But I'm totally all over the place Again! Let me try to sum up just how magical this past week was -

¤ We had splits on Wednesday! Søstrene fra Odense kom op og vi havde en rigtig god tid (The Sisters from Odense came up and we had a really good time!)! I was paired with Søster Noorda, and I got to take her to our appointments all on my own! I was a Little nervous, because I'm still fresh to Vejle, and we were visiting people whom I had neither met before, nor even been near their neighborhood! But armed with a map and a prayer in our Hearts, we made it around town and up hills without dying! And it was great! On one of the Streets, before our Dinner appointment, we decided to knock on doors and talk to people about the ''He is the Gift'' initiative. We had just given out our last Card with our number and the address of the Church, but we still had 10 minutes before our appointment. We decided to fill out some more Cards and continue Down the street.
Well my friends, it's always in those last moments where you don't think anything will come when the magic happens!
We walked up to the very next door and knock, when this darling elderly woman comes to the door and gets the brightest smile on her face! She spoke really fast, and really mumbled Danish, so Søster Noorda (who is only one transfer [6 weeks] older than me in the Land) tried our best to understand her. But she was telling us about how the Søster missionærer about a year ago had come by and helped her at just the right time, and that she still had the phone number and their names. She had been thinking to call them up for some help, and we showed up at her door :) So she gave us her name and phone number, and we're going to stop by her place this week :)

¤ Also on Onsdag, we had the most crazy weather! It started hailing and the Wind was INSANE! But we survived well enough to be caught in another hailstorm Torsdag night! haha, it was great!

¤ Juletiden (The Christmas Season) is such a wonderful time of the year. In fact, it's the MOST wonderful time of the year. It's a time when you go out and about, talking to people about the True meaning of Christmas, and they actually sometimes listen to you! But really, peoples Hearts are so much more open to learning more about Christ when we celebrate him! So our District got to together after our District meeting on thursday, and sang julesanger (carols) along the Gågade :) It was absolutely amazing! Well, the experience for us was beautiful, I'm not entirely sure about the experience of those listening to us! But people did stop and listen, and we gave out over 200 He is the Gift Cards! We're already planning on meeting with a few people at an activity coming up next week from that night!

we sang in front of this bad boy. Even though it looks like a church, it's not. It's where the mayor meets, or hvad som helst (whatever). I'm not entirely sure, but it looks pretty nifty, and full of the Christmas Spirit!! hahaha

¤ What else happened this week? I'm glad you asked, because I'm still going!

¤ On fredag we had dinner with Nunna and Knud Anderson! They're the most adorable elderly couple in the World! And yes, some of you might recognize their names! They were farfars (Gpas) and farmors (Gmas) Mission President and Wife when they served here in Denmark! It was really great to spend time with them, and we saw some Photos of Grandma and Grandpa :) Familien Anderson has actually been to the Dome Home! They had Pictures and were talking about how they absolutely loved it! They would call it the ''Dome house,'' which just sounded so funny to me, but yeah it's a house, and it's a dome, so det giver mening (it makes sense). The elders asked me afterward if it was weird that they knew my grandparents, but it's not! It's really great :) Brother Anderson tells Grandma Neoma Hi, and wishes her well :)
¤ We went bowling with the Ward on Lørdag and had an absolute blast! I still think bowling is one of the most awkward sports out there. I mean. Yeah. Yup. I don't even know how to describe it. It's fun, don't get me wrong, but it's just awkward. No further explanation needed.

¤ Oh man, nighttime in Denmark is so great! And over the past 3 nights, Søster Sørensen and I have seen Shooting stars :D ah, man, those have probably been the highlights of our long, Cold, eventful days! It's absolutely wonderful!

¤ We met a few creepy people, but all is well. So that's exciting.

¤ Danish Christmas food is so incredibly amazing! We went to the Hyldanders last night for dinner, and made Christmas decorations and ate great food! Their små drenge (Little boys) are the most adorable Little boys. Little Daniel was the one who I wrote about last week as the small boy who was ''shooting'' me and 'throwing me in jail.'' He reminds me a lot of Austin, and I could totally see this Little blond haired boy growing up to drive a tank! hahaha, they're such an adorable Family though! Unni (I have no idea how to spell her name) is Norwegian, and Steen is Danish, so their Little boys are learning both languages! It's crazy! But totally adorable!!

I just remembered that I totally forgot to mention Zone conference the other week! Ah, it was phenomenal, and the food was amazing! But the best part was seeing how incredibly excited all the elders were to Watch Frozen. Yes, Frozen! hahaha, probably about half of the missionaries there had never seen it, and it was just great!

but anyway, my time is running short :)
I love hearing from you all! I hope you have a great week!
Keep smiling and spreading good Christmas cheer! Don't be afraid to open your mouth and do missionary Work of your own! If I'm hear speaking a new language doing it, you can, too!!

Med Kærlig Hilsen (with love),
Søster Sølberg

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