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Monday, December 8, 2014

The Land : Week Three

My good golly, is it already week three?? But the real question is, have I already hit my 2 month mark? Ding ding ding, the answer is a big Danish ''JO'' (that's an emphatic YES)!! I saw this morning that it's already the 8th of December, which means I reported to the MTC and started my clock two whole months ago! Time has flown by already!

Thing are going great here in The Land! I'm absolutely loving my time here, and I'm very happy that I am able to be here :) 

This week has been absolutely splendid! Last week, we had received a referral, but the only way to contact the young woman was through Email. So every other day, it's been exciting to rush to the library to check and see if she responded, and she usually responded within the hour of us sending her a message! So we had invited her to Church, and she quickly responded that she would love to come, and even came half an hour early! And she also brought a friend with her who was interested! One girl is Japanese, and the other is from Spain. They both set up return appointments for us to visit them, so in one day, BAM - we have two new investigators! It's all very exciting! And really hard to try and teach in English! hahaha

Speaking to people on the street and knocking on doors is always a thrill. You just never know who you're going to meet, and what they're going to say! We've learned not to be discouraged when people open the door, and close it right away. And we've gotten better at speaking Danish when we try to talk to elderly people who can't understand us. But on golden days, we meet people who really are receptive, and that makes it all worthwhile :) Even though we haven't had any new investigators that way, we do have pretty pleasant conversations with people! And I'm slowly (but surely) getting better at understanding native Danish! It's a whole entirely new experience than in the MTC! When I understand someone enough to answer back, they're always impressed that I've only been learning Danish for two months! I know without a doubt that what I am able to speak is not from my own abilities, but it's thanks to God :) and I'll never forget that!

My experience in Denmark is so different from what it was in the MTC! The 6 weeks in the MTC, it was so easy for me to understand what my teachers were saying, and I struggled so hard to speak the language. Here, in the Land, I can speak the language enough that people who don't speak Danish think I'm a native Dane (that was exciting!!!), but I have the hardest time trying to understand people! But it's coming, and being immersed in the Language is a big help! The ward members are so helpful, and even people on the street help me remember a word when it doesn't come fast enough! Hahaha

I'm trying to think of funny happenings for y'all. Let's see how many fun things happen to two American girls in a Danish city -->

¤ A man thought I was a fluent Dane ( I wish!)
¤ We both recieved a bottle of Pickled Troll Bums (yup)
¤ We were almost swarmed by birds
¤ We saw Storm Troopers on the gågade (this deserves some more light)
¤ An 80 year old man was hitting on us
¤ A little boy (about 2 years old) at church kept ''shooting'' me, and tried throwing me in jail 
¤ We missed a bus. And a train. And another bus.
¤ We enjoyed a very happy man (his smile was a little creepy) playing the accordion on the gågade
¤ There was a man kayaking in the river in the middle of the city
¤ A bike race went up along our street

And I can't think of anything else..... 
But this week was so fun! About those Storm Troopers!! Søster Sørensen and I were freaking out and wanted to take a picture with them, but we were on the way to the library to see if our investigator had emailed us back, and we weren't sure if it would appear too 'touristy' to get a picture! So we decided that if they were still on the gågade when we got back from the library, we would totally get a picture! But sadly, they were gone :( But since it's the Christmas Season, we're hoping they'll be back before we leave!! :D hahaha, so expect a picture!! 

Our apartment is ready for the Christmas season :) we built a fireplace, and put some festive things up on the wall! I'm currently sewing a stocking, so that should be up by Christmas! <3

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful week, and thank you so much for the letters and emails! I love hearing from you :)

Søster Sølberg

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