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Monday, October 12, 2015

Gør de små ting

Goddag!! Jeg håber I har alle haft en fantastisk uge, og at I blive ved med sådanne! Denne uge har været vidunderlig, og jeg ved slet ikke hvor jeg skulle begynne!! 

But hey, I guess I could start off by quoting my dear cousin Ældste Ericksen, who will be joining the ranks here in Denmark next week!!! :D I learned a fun tidbit about how our family connects to two of the new Apostles who were just called this past Conference: 
''To start off With the the new apostles being called I would like to tell you this: When My Aunt Barbara was working as an accountant, she worked for a firm that audited the Huntsman Corp.  She had to work with Bro, now Elder Rasband to complete the audit.  She said he was wonderful to work with, very professional, honest, and kind.  Bro. now Elder Renlund was my Grandpa Soelberg's surgeon for his last pace maker/defibrillator. My uncle Mark said that after the surgery, he came out and talked with him and Granny, explained how everything went during the surgery, and set my granny's mind at ease.  That little machine gave Grandpa 8 extra years he definitely would not have had here on earth.  So there you have it--a couple of personal connections to the new apostles.''

I love learning more about my family, and about how small this world really is :) Elder Ericksen and I have already made common acquaintances from the world of missionaries (like Søster Østergaard, who came out teaching with Søster Landvatter and I a couple of times), which is absolutely fantastic :)

I have had a fantastic week!! It started off with a wonderful pday and going to a members house- Their daughter, Søster Højholt, is awaiting her mission call to come in the mail any day now!! We're all expecting it tomorrow, or on onsdag (Wednesday). Tuesday was filled with fun as we went out on member splits with this lovely lady from Finland, named Ewe 

​ Sadly, she's moving back to Finland in a few weeks, but for the time being, we'll keep her close by :) She served down in Greece, and returned from her mission a little over a year ago- and she's a stellar missionary! She has also learned so much Danish in her short few months down here :)

On wednesday, we had interviews with President O'Bryant, District meeting, and then both districts here in Odense met up at the Senior Couple's house and we all watched the last session of General Conference together :) Conference was fantastic, and I'm still trying to listen to it all the way through again to learn even more out of it!! I'm stoked to get a copy of all of the talks next weeeeeeeek!!!!

THURSDAY WAS MY YEAR MARK! Super crazy!! The time has been flying by so incredibly fast!!! It does not feel like I've been a missionary for an entire year already!! We spent the day doing service and visiting a lot of people, helping them feel the light and love of Christ!!

Friday was weekly planning, which is always a solemn experience when the planning is for the last week of the transfer! Sister Ripa is going all the way home next week, so it was interesting watching her focus on this very last week of her mission. She's such a strong missionary and woman, and she's definitely going far in life!!! :) We love her!!!

Saturday was fantastic!! We got a surprise phone call in the morning from a member needing help decorating a cake for the wards talent show which was happening that afternoon- so we went and decorated her cake like this:

She showed us how to do the ''brush embroidery,'' and then we took control :) it was super fun, and really exciting!! Definitely something i want to try again at some point in the future!!
We also had a great Talent show, which we all called the ''Høstfest'' :) (that means Harvest-party). Sisters Ackerman, Ripa and I performed an arrangement of ''Jeg På Kristus Tror'' (I Believe in Christ), and it went really well :) we had a piano and a guitar and everything! We're also singing in both wards this coming sunday, so we're trying to figure out what to do for that!! I'll let y'all know how it goes next week!!

Sunday (yesterday) rolled along, and we had a fantastic day at church :) I actually absolutely love being in Church for 6 hours!! It is so amazing to hear so many people's testimonies and to feel the Spirit so strongly all day long!! The Sabbath really is a Delight!!
We had our Fast and Testimony meeting in both wards yesterday, which was very wonderful. One of our investigators even felt to share her testimony, which was beautiful :) She expressed her feelings about the seemingly small things we do in the gospel, and how they really aren't that small after all. 

Når vi bliver ved med at gøre de ''små'' ting (fx bøn, tjeneste, skriftstudium, at gå i kirke, og sige opløftende ord), er vi i stand til at føle ånden endnu mere i vores personlige liv, og så vide hvordan vi kan styrke vores egen tro, og troen af dem omkring os.

I'm thankful for this opportunity to be here in Odense, and so be around so many amazing people who love to share the gospel. We had an eating appointment with a member this past week on friday, and in the middle of the dinner, her daughter and son-in-law came by with their 3 week old daughter. The darling member, named Else, was so quick and happy to share with this little family and her own non-member husband the joys of the gospel, and she even invited them to come and see/participate in the ''høstfest'' the following day, which they did :) As a result, this entire family has strengthened their faith, and feeling the love :)

Wow, it's been so amazing to think over this past week again, but I sadly don't have enough time to keep on going!! I hope you have all been able to feel my love and appreciation for each and every one of you, as well as these people in Denmark!

We find out about the upcoming transfer this wednesday in our Zone Training, and then transfers are happening on Monday :) I'm expecting to stay here in Odense, but one never knows!!! 

Have a great week!! And continue to apply the things talked about in General Conference to your personal life!! I would recommend going into lds.org (or using the Gospel Library app on your devices) and reading/listening to the speakers again and again! I'm thankful for our beloved Prophet and Apostles, and for the time and energy the spend in helping us better know how we can strengthen our personal relationships with God and His Son, Jesus Christ. As we get to know our beloved Savior even more, we will be able to learn about ourselves, and even perhaps be the means by which others can receive that same inspiration and guidance.

I love you all <3

Med kærlig hilsen, 
Søster M B Soelberg

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