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Monday, September 28, 2015


Happy mission week 51! :) The time just keeps on flying by! It really feels like this past week has been the shortest week of my life!!
Last week we enjoyed a great day of Zone Conference all the way up in Aarhus! We had just been their the previous sunday for Stake Conference, so it was nice to make the trip up there again! To get a distance perspective, it took us about 1 ½ hours going about 140 km/hr most of the way :) It was super nice to be in a car again! haha, whenever that happens, we cherish the moment! We rode up to Århus with the Missionære Ægtepar (the Senior Missionary Couple) here in Odense, Elder and Sister Turpin :) They're so sweet! I'll have to get a picture of just them someday :)
But Zone conference went great! It's nice being back in the South Jylland zone, like I was in Vejle!

​I got to see 3 of my previous 5 companions (the ones before this one, and minus Sister Køster who is in Australia) while in Århus, since Sister Woster now serves there, Sister Mann is in Horsens, and Sister Noorda is still in Esbjerg!


me, sister Mann, and sister Orr!
Here's a side by side comparison of Sister Mann and I pre-Denmark and Mid-Denmark! Last November and This September! What a difference! Denmark really is the happiest place on earth :) hahaha

I also got to see Sister Sorensen on Saturday! But we sadly have no pictures of our adventure together.
Sister Ripa travelled all the way to Frederiksberg (right outside of København), to go to the Temple with someone she has worked with on her mission, so Sister Ackerman and I jumped off the train in Slagelse to save on expenses, and we traded places with Sister Perkins. Lots and lots of switches happening! hahaha, but it was really great!

We took an ''essentials'' pday last monday to have this little expedition, so we had some Pday hours to make up while in Slagelse!
Look at this great record we found at a genbrug!

​I think some of you would really enjoy that! :D I sure did! 

The weather is beginning to get really cold here in Denmark (and by really cold, I mean we're at 13C right now, so I guess it's not too incredibly bad....)! The tights, sweaters, winter coats and thik scarves have surfaced their way into our attire! We were suprised that the morning dew wasn't frost yet the other day! The leaves have begun to change, and I admit that I've already broken out the hot chocolate and Christmas music :) But there is no shame to be found!

I don't have enough time today to punch out the deets on all the people we're working with like I was planning on doing, so keep your eyes open for that next week :) Until then, I hope you all have a fantastic week, and that you enjoy the wonderous changing of the seasons around you :) <3

I wish I had some words of wonderous wisdom to give y'all, but alas, the mind does not know where to begin with all of the amazing stories and experiences! I'll do a better job of writing next week :) haha, even though I'm sure I say that every single week!

I love you all!! <3 Have a great one!

Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Søster Morgan Soelberg

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