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Monday, September 7, 2015

Odense Week One!

It has been a FANTASTIC week here in Odense :) Full of berry picking, wonderful people, and trying my hardest to remember all the members and investigators in 2 different Wards and Areas!! These next 7 weeks are going to be a blast, but will definitely take some work remembering who's who and how to get places! Our area[s] that we work in pretty much encompasses the entire island of Fyn (for a size comparison, see the map below).


So life has become quite exhilerating :) Not that it wasn't before, I just feel a lot busier with 2 wards in my hands!!

But it's been really great, as of yet :) Sisters Ackerman, Ripa, and I in 2 different districts, as well! The Odense 1 District, and the Odense 2 District! So we also have 8 elders to work with- so many people!! hahaha

I was able to get a picture of the Odense 1 District last week - still working on getting one of Odense 2!! We'll try to get that one today!!

One of the greatest things this week has been getting a re-boot on an area, companions, and the daily routine!! It's always so fun to get shaken up once in a while! With all these new imputs bombarding my senses this week, I've been able to reevalute and recommit to so many different things! As I said last week- ''Sometimes, life changes are really quite frustrating...But no matter what happens in life, and no matter what God asks of us, we can have an absolutely pure trust in the Lord and the plan that He has for us.'' I'm nearing the end of the Book of Mormon again (it's only taken me 9 months this time to read it all the way through), and this morning I read in Mormon. In chapter 5 verse 23, Mormon asks us - ''Know ye not that ye are in the hands of God?'' He then continues to encourage us to be humble and always be repenting of things that keep us from reaching our full potential. As we let God lead us, even during the good times, and especially during the hard times in our life, we will come to understand God's will even more. And as we come to understand God's will, we will come to trust Him, and will want to prove to Him that He can trust us.

I am forever striving to be someone that God can rely on. We're all imperfect people, but through God, we can be made perfect. In a re-lyric-ization of a dearly loved Josh Groban song, I would say 
''I am not a hero, I am not an angel, I am just a [wo]man... who's trying to do all that I can to serve those around me, so that they can feel the same love of God that I feel every day of my life.'' 
That may have gotten off beat and off rhythm, but it's the truth!! :) (thank you Joshua Winslow Groban!!) hahaha, but seriously, why wouldn't we want to share the love with those around us?? :) I hope you all feel the same way as well!

Time goes by so fast, and we have reached the end of this emailing session, but I hope you all have a great next week :) I love you all, and I look forward to talking to you all, soon :)

here's a special shoutout to cousin Dane who reports to the MTC this week!! I'll see you in 6 weeks!! 

Peace out, and keep it real :) <3

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