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Monday, August 3, 2015

Service = Sharing Love

Hi Family and friends!! :) I just wanted to send a quick ''Hej'' to you all 🙋

It has been a fantastic week of miracles and happy moments :) We had transfers, and even though Sister Landvatter and I are the same, the other two companionships in the district got switched up! We now have Ældste Light from Montana and Ældste Zeigler, a greenie all the way from Switzerland! They're both great, and really fun to work with!!

This week was full of busy days and working hard to find new investigators!! And guess what!? We finally got a new investigator!! :D This is transfer 2 with Sister Landvatter, and we're finally seeing some success from all the work that we're putting in to finding new people to teach!! We have a couple lined up for this new week, and we're pumped to finally get it going!!
But we haven't forgotten the other people we work with :) We had wonderfull lessons with a bunch of people! I'm so thankful for all of the people we teach and for the knowledge they share with me. We're all learning on this path, and we can all learn from each other :)

Sunday was probably my favorite day this week :) We had a wonderful Fast and Testimony meeting :) The Danish people are so amazing, and I'm so thankful for their testimonies! Their experiences and challenges are so completely different than the ones we face at home! But we are all blessed with the wonderful Gospel, which knows no limits or borders! The Church is true, and that is true no matter where you live in this world!
Our investigator Thomas is so close to getting baptized! He understands and accepts all that we have taught him, and he is so open and willing to learn! Yesterday after our Gospel Principles class, one of the members, Brother Kjeldsen, turned to Thomas and bluntly asked, '' Thomas, when are you getting baptized?! You are so ready!!'' We haven't spoken much with Bro Kjeldsen about Thomas' progression, which just shows that it's not just us that believe he is ready! Thomas has told us that he has been coming to church with questions in his heart, and he has the faith to act on the answers that he recieves! I know that he is so prepared and ready, and now he only needs to realize that for himself :) We have another appointment with him and a member on Wednesday, and we're excited to see and feel his wonderful testimony again :)

The ''amusing'' part of this week would be the fact that Sister Landvatter's bike is totally dead. She got a flat tire in the middle of the night (it wasn't flat when we parked going in, but it was totally flat in the morning). We called the Elders in a frantic frenzy as we were headed out the door early to get to District Meeting, and we learned how one patches a flat tire. Well, we couldn't get it figured out in time, so the other pair of Elders swung by the apartment with their handy dandy car, picked us and the bikes up, and we all headed to District meeting together. After the meeting, Sister Landvatter and I had lunch and made some cookies to deliver to people (or at least we planned on delivering them to people ;) haha, whoops. To be honest, we ended up sharing them with random ward members and the elders who sneakily intercepted our distribution plans). After that, we attempted to fix the bike for real, and pretty much succeeded, exept for the fact that it didn't work. We patched all the holes, but when we tried taking off, the bike didn't want to cooperate. So it's still flat, even though we pump it up all the way and there are no more holes to be found. 

Long story short, we're now slaves to public transportation and the use of our feet for our daily transport. Things go a lot slower, but it's been a great experience to see the city on foot now, instead of zooming by on bikes. And we even found out that one of the Less-active women we work with has been praying that we'll be able to be on foot and on the bus more often! haha, so maybe that's why we can't figure out the bike situation!

But all in all, things are going great, and we're pumped for this new week :) No crazy stories to tell, though, but be prepared for next weeks email! We'll be sure to do something insane!! :)

Until then, have a stellar week!! And enjoy the comforts of driving your own car / having a bike that works!!

-Søster Morgan Soelberg

when bikes don't work properly, we can't help but get a little exasperated 

just kidding - I do have something exciting!! My cookie caught on fire in the microwave this morning!!!
the aftermath is very sad :( but that just gives us another excuse to make another batch, right?? and actally share the love with them this time ;)

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