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Monday, August 31, 2015

I Have Arrived In.....

Well, my lovlies, it has indeed happened: Transfers came and have passed, and I am now writing to you all from a computer I have never used before. But can you guess where I am?? Does the name ''Odense'' ring a bell?? :D It might if you remember that I came on Splits here way back in December, and also if you know anything about the amazing man by the name of Hans Christian Andersen! This is the city in which he dwelt!! :D How exciting is that? 

But as excited as I am to be in this amazing city, I am very sad to be leaving both Sister Landvatter and Roskilde! I feel so attached to that city and the people there :) But as great as that was, there are only better things in the future!! :)

Saying goodbye (a few shots I was able to get yesterday):

Thomas, who is absolutely amazing!!

​Ole, the stubborn little teddy bear!!

My most favorite little old Norwegian woman, named Rigmor :) She's fantastic!

To start off this transfer in this new area, we've already been rained on with a soaking storm!! Reminds me of the good old days in Vejle!! hahaha! But I am really very excited to be able to serve in Odense :) I only ever hear fantastic news about the place! I get so serve in both of the wards here, so my Sunday will consist of a total of 6 hours at church! But all is well! We can always use  more church in our lives ;)
I am serving in my third Tripanionship on my mission! This time I am serving with Sisters Ackerman and Ripa, and they are both such dolls!! I sadly do not have any pictures with them yet, so expect to see their darling faces next week :)

Sometimes, life changes are really quite frustrating- we may be asked to leave behind something in our life that means a lot to us, whether it be a person, place, or thing (that's a noun! :D ). But no matter what happens in life, and no matter what God asks of us, we can have an absolutely pure trust in the Lord and the plan that He has for us- a plan that will lead us to be the people that God knows we can become. When we really give our will and our desires to Him, we will find that everything that lays ahead will be so much better than what is behind :) I would reccommend you all listen to the BYU devotional given by Elder Jeffrey R Holland titled ''Remember Lot's Wife.''

I am excited for what Odense will bring me, and more especially- I'm excited to discover what I can bring to Odense! We are all individual, and as such, we all have specific gifts and talents that will leave an impact on those around us- you only have to ask yourself one question- Do I want to be  remembered only Fondly, or do I want to have a great Impact on the lives of those around me? I hope that we will all recognize the value of hard work, and that we will have the desire to leave a positive impact on the lives of those around us.

I am thankful for all of the people and companions I have had the pleasure of knowing in Roskilde :) They are all in Good Hands- God's Hands :)

Have a fantastic week, and remember to do all you can to be a light to others today :)

-Søster Soelberg

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