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Monday, August 17, 2015

Miracles Happen :)

Hello darling friends and family :) I'm glad to report that once again, another wonderful week has passed by!! It's sad that the weeks go by so incredibly fast, but time is really only measured by men! God has bigger and better plans that just don't fit into one of our puny 24 hours :)

I have had the great opportunity to watch the progression of probably one of my very favorite humans in this world - his name is Ole, and he is 68 years old!! Sister Noorda and I found his name on a list of previous investigators in our apartment, and she and I stopped by to visit him one day about 3 months ago now - and only 3 short months ago, I would have never imagined the progress that he has made :) But as I said, the Lord has much bigger and better plans than we expect! :)

The first few times we met with Ole, he was very incredibly negative towards the message that we had to share. Well, after a couple appoinments of him actually laughing at the things that we were telling him, Sister Landvatter and I decided that it was ''Do or Die'' with him - that is, either he would continue ''investigating'' the church, or we would ''drop'' him as an investigator (for those who don't know what that means, it's just not teaching him anymore and leaving him for other missionaries down the road). This is what has been done in the future, and I must admit that I went into that ''Do or Die'' appoinment pretty positive that he would not continue investigating - but after preparing ourselves for the encounter, we went in to face the beast - a beast who has actually ended up becoming a teddy bear :)

In this ''Do or Die'' lesson, Sister Landvatter and I really laid down the law! We explained to Ole our purpose as missionaries, after first hearing what he imagined our goal was with him. The Spirit was incredibly strong in the lesson, and Sister Landvatter and I remember fondly the feeling of just being filled with the ''Burning'' in our hearts as we testified of our Savior and the glorious plan that the Father has created, which enables us to return to our Heavenly Home after this time on earth we have to experience mortal life. I frankly explained, and the Spirit testified, that if Ole has no real intent (that is, to say, that he does not intend to act on the truths that we are presenting to him with faith), then he simply will not receive and answer of the truthfulness of our message. Once the words were out and the Spirit was felt, Sister Landvatter and I actually saw something click in his eyes as he finally understood his person responsibility to actively seek for an answer to his questions.

Ever since that lesson with Ole, he has been incredibly open and friendly towards us :) Our lessons are filled with the Spirit, and we learn ourselves everytime we visit him :) He has been reading on his own in The Book of Mormon, and we have enjoyed answering his very humble and sincere questions, and helping him understand the Love that our Father in Heaven has for him personally :)

I absolutely love being on a mission :) This has honestly been the most amazing experience of my life!! I look forward to these final weeks in the transfer (this one is only 5 weeks instead of 6), and both Sister Landvatter and I are hoping to stay together a third transfer!!!! We are best friends, and we work so incredibly well together :) She's great!!


Some fun things from this week -

We had an amazing zone training, and dirctly after, enjoyed going on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders here in our city of Roskilde

me, Sister Aubrey Landvatter, Sister Amanda Van Orden, and Sister Mattie Reed on the shore of the Roskilde Fjord (we were almost standing on the water (;  ). Yes, I got really warm that day wearing such a big sweater, but we never know that the weather will do here in Denmark!!!


This week, we are having a MISSION CONFERENCE (everyone in the mission [except the missionaries in iceland, sadly] will be coming together in Copenhagen!!)! I'm excited to see everyone again :) Tomorrow, the Sister Training Leaders on Jylland (Sister Perkins and Sister Mann!!!!) will be staying at our apartment, and we'll all travel to KĂžbenhavn together :) It'll be a blast being with Sister Mann again! We haven't seen each other in 9 months!!

Have a great week, and I'll talk to you all again next week :) <3 

-Sister Morgan Soelberg <3

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