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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How Sweet the Taste

Good day all my lovely friends and family :) I hope you have all had a fantastic week <3
It has been a great little while here in Roskilde, Denmark :) The weather is beautiful, the people are kind, and the work is moving forward! Yesterday, we had a man come to church who we had never met before! We had spoken with him via mobile (he was a 'referral' from a pair of Elders in our District), and while he didn't sound very positive on the phone, he was very kind and sweet in person. He wasn't able to stay for the whole 3 hours of church, but he enjoyed Sacrament Meeting, and expressed a willingness to meet up again and actually have a lesson! It was great :)
The non-member mother of a less-active man also came to Church this past Sunday! We had a lesson with the two of them last week, and she expressed her thankfullness for the Gospel in her son's life. She told us, and him, that she had noticed a difference in his life, and thus her own, when he was an active member of the Church, and how she could tell it was something with a positive influence on her son. And she looked so happy herself, being there in Church :)

The greatest miracle of last week was going to Rigmor's baptism all the way in Fredericia!! :) It was a 2½ hour train ride, with standing room only, so that wasn't so fun, but the joy of being there was trully magnificent!! :) Rigmor was so happy and wonderful, and I am so proud of her :) It was also really great to see Sister Woster again, along with other missionaries I've been blessed to serve with! Sadly, I don't have any pictures, because my camera died right before, and I'm still waiting on other missionaries to send me the photos, but I'll definitely have one for you all next week :)

Sister Landvatter and I had a fun experience just the other day - right outside the library here is a gorgeous park, and right in the beginning of that park is a ''book-tree,'' where people can place books for other people to read, and keep on giving :) Well, I though it would be great to write my testimony in the inside cover of a copy of Mormons Bog and leave it in the tree. We haven't had a chance to pass by the tree check if it is still there or not, but I'm hoping someone saw it and was interested :) We'll just have to see!!

It's a wonderful feeling to be able to feel a prompting of the Holy Spirit and to act on it! Sister Landvatter and I have been discussing the topic quite a bit the past few weeks, and we are just totally overwhelmed with hapiness at the thought that we are able to receive Divine Guidance to help our fellow children of God here on the earth, all around us :) We are excited to work with the people we know, and to find more people here in this little Viking City who are ready and prepared to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ into their lives!

We heard an amazing quote from Elder David A Bednar this morning, where he says that we must ''Have faith; faith in the Lord, faith in Yourself, [and] faith in the Future.'' Life is a bit bumpy and rough, but that's the way it's supposed to be. As we look forward in faith, we will be able to overcome the paralyzing fears that bombard us every day, and to ''work mighty miracles,...[becoming] a great benefit to [our] fellow beings'' (Mosiah 8:18).

I hope you all have a great day :) I love you all, and you are always in my prayers! <3

More miracles to come next week!!! 😄

-Søster Soelberg

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