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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Getting Old

God morgen familie og venner!! :) Jeg håber at I har haft en rigtig god dag! Det blever varmere og varmere udenfor, og jeg ser frem til sommer!!
Jeg forstår ikke hvordan det har allerede været seks måneder siden jeg har været en missionær! Time flies!!!
Tomorrow I hit my ''6 Month Mark'' on my mission, which means it's already been an entire 3rd of the time I will be here!! D: And the funny thing is, I've still been in one area!! Haha, Grand ol' Vejle :) I remember when I got here back in November, I was completely blown away at how beautiful the city was in the winter months, and how much I wished I would be here still when it warmed up and was lively and green again! Well, I got my wish, I guess! The trees have been budding, and the grass is still a vibrant green! The little Danish flowers are everywhere, and the birds are taking over!!
But don't let the solskin and the dyre fool you!! It's still chilly out there! I was able to walk around without my coat on for a good half hour yesterday, but it didn't take long before I was smarted by the wind!

This has been a fantastic week :) It was super inspiring, and also super fun, because it just makes sense that the two would go together!! I had a wonderful Birthday, and I celebrated it by watching General Conference :) I haven't had a chance to see the last session yet, because of the time difference, but later this week, we will have the chance to see it :) I hope you all received answers to your prayers! I know it was very inspiring, and that, as we read in Doctrine and Covenants 1:38, the words which the Prophet and Apostles spake were indeed the words of God :) I look forward to reading and studying their words in the coming weeks :)

This past Saturday, before heading to Fredericia for Conference, Sister Woster and I headed out to Jelling again in the morning. After meeting with the people we have established out there, we ate a delightful lunch of french bread and yogurt, with a little touch of Birthday cake at the end! Hahaha, it wasn't the most exciting lunch, but we had accidentally forgotten to pack some actual food, so we just bought something quick and easy! We then ate the food on the top of a large hill, which we climbed up, and realized that it was in fact a Viking mound - you know, those mounds where they're actually a gigantic burial pit filled to the brim! Yup, that was exciting! A great way to remember a birthday!! hahaha We also looked down the hill at a beautiful little Church, and the tourists caught our attention! As it turned out, it was the place where the Jelling Stones are kept! For those who don't know the history, Wikipedia does a great job-  but I'll tell you a bit anyway - The stones were commissioned by Kings Gorm of Old, and Harald Bluetooth, dating back to the 15 century. They have written on them the Denmarks conversion to Christianity, and a figure of Christ on them. At first, Søster Woster and I had no idea what they were, until the Elders explained them to us later that day. But I got some pictures, don't worry :) 

Earlier this week, we had a really great experience when we found two new investigators :) Last Sunday (the 30th), it was a cold and rainy (with Denmarks crazy invisible drizzle rain) night. It was a little over 8 PM, so we were pretty much just counting down the seconds before we could go home- it was kinda miserable, and as we were walking down the sidewalk, no one was outside to talk to...
We eventually came to an intersection, where we typically turn right at. But in a quick instant, I suddenly thought that instead we should turn left. I told Søster Woster, and we both continued on in that direction. The sidewalk was still empty on both sides, and as we came to some houses, no one was interested in talking to us. Dripping wet, we climbed the stairs of an opgang and started knocking some more. At this point, I was feeling pretty frustrated, so I said a quick prayer that someone, anyone, would let us in. To my surprise, but utter joy, the next door we knocked on let us inside. We showed the woman the new 'Because He Lives' video, and though she wasn't interested in having us come again, she referred us to someone in the next stairwell over, same floor. We finished here stairwell, and no one was interested, and the referrel wasn't home. But in that stairwell, we came across a cute couple. They didn't have time that evening, and neither did we, but we gave them a card with the Video's website on it, and asked if we could come again and chat about their thoughts on the video. They said maybe, and that we could kigge forbi again, but that they wouldn't promise us anything. The following Tuesday night, we made our way back down their road, and stopped by their door. When we knocked, they told us that they didn't have time right then - they had just sat down to eat, but that we should come again in about 30-60 minutes. That in itself was a little exciting!! We headed out again, tried stopping by people who weren't home, and eventually made our way back to the couple's home. They opened the door, and the woman, B, said excitedly, ''I couldn't help but notice that at the end of the video, it mentions something called Mormon.org. Are you Mormons??'' we said we were, and she just lit up. She told us that she has had dozens of questions about Mormons, but she didn't know where she could find the real actual answers! She and her husband invited us in, and we had a really great lesson with them, answering their questions and teaching them about the Restored Gospel :) We have a return appointment set up this week with them :)

The Lord knows who we are, and where we need to be to help His other children. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be here in Vejle, though I'm closing in on 5 months in this city!! I have had so many wonderful experiences that have helped me grow much more than I ever expected I could :) 

I hope you all have a continued wonderful week! Thank's a million for your thoughts and prayers!!

And as a funny little sidenote, this week, I challenge you all to take a picture with a statue. If it happens to be a goat statue, we'd be matching. Challenge issued.

​​Denmark has some weird statues, yo

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