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Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 16 (I think)

Time is just flying by like crazy! I can't believe that It's already been over 2 months that I've been in Vejle! Transfer calls are next week, and then transfers the week after that! We're all pretty sure I'll be staying here, but you never know :) Exciting things happening!!

Have you all had a great week? I certainly have! Nothing too crazily exciting, but we did get some snow, the nasty stuff!! Hahaha, but I didn't slip and fall, and we didn't have to ride our bikes in it, so that was wonderful! It's all melted again, but I'm sure we'll get some more eventually! I'll get some pictures next time of it! :)

This week has been really full of finding people! The work is ''slow'' here in Vejle, if one could say that! Not too many investigators, and the new ones that we do make appointments with have had to cancel on us (one of them because of the snow!!). But we work mainly with Less-Active members and others who need service :) 

I have a strong testimony about the importance of caring for the flock :) These people we work with have already recieved the Gospel into their lives, but just still need that burning passion to continue growing in their faith! I am able to love them, serve them, listen to them, and help them them continue on their path of eternal progression :) we never stop learning, and we should always strive to seek learning!

I have come to be even closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ, as I have worked hard to serve those around me. If I can love these people so much, I can only imagine the love Christ himself has for these people :) My favorite painting of Christ is brought to mind - 

I just love this picture to bits :)))))) I hope you do, too!!

I absolutely love being a missionary :) This has been the most amazing experience I have ever had! It's soooooo hard, but it's soooooo amazing :)

I love you all, and hope you have a fantastic week!

Some funny (though most of them are pathetic) things -

¤Almost every single door we knocked on, the people answered by hanging out their window...
¤We learned our favorite Kebab place was closed until dinner time on Saturdays (this is actually something sad that happened, because we wouldn't be in Fredericia later, and we needed lunch)
¤ We got a new bishop in the ward yesterday!
¤ I saw a man who looks JUST LIKE RICHARD ARMITAGE, only this guy was blond
¤ we tried catching a bus to an appointment (the bus would take us there in 10 minutes, whereas walking up the hill would take us an hour), and the bus driver made eye contact with us at the bus stop, and just kept driving. We had to walk instead.
¤ we dropped a potential investigator because he just wanted to flirt with us
¤ this morning (around 6:40 ish), we got 4 or 5 messages from an unknown number telling us to leave them alone. We have no idea who it was from, but Sister Sorensen is pretty sure it was a crazy lady who we haven't had contact with in at least 3-4 months.
¤ NOUGAT BITS. This is the cereal from heaven. No lie. It's chocolate cereal with nutella filling!! But! don't try eating a whole box in under an hour! it's really hard, and you can't move the rest of the evening! but the challenge may or may not be tried again at district activity this week...... no comment

OH - I'm so excited! In a few weeks, a new transfer begins, and my dear old friend Søster Williams will be coming to Denmark!! :D See you here!!! (some Elders in the district joke that I could train someone! Woah now, that would be interesting!)
But after this transfer, I will have been officially trained, and no more a greenie! So that's exciting! :)

I feel like I'm just rambling now!

Have a great week!! Hahaha

Med kærlig/venlig hilsen (whichever one you want, really!)

Søster Soelberg <3

Søster Sørensen is really epic. Especially under lamplight next to a bush.

RANDOM HAPPY THING - [sorry, I keep remembering things]
Next week, all 6 missionaries in the Fredericia ward are helping with a wedding, and they want me to help take pictures, so that's exciting :) Søster Sorensen and I are also making decorations, and some desserts for it! Wish us luck!! in Danish, one would say held og lykke (luck and happiness)!!

Um, I think that was all I wanted to say........ Have a great week!!! :D <3

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