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Monday, January 5, 2015

Godt Nytår!

I hope you all have had a fantastic New Year!! New Years in Denmark is definitely a different experience!! Imagine a firework show in Texas, and multiply it by one billion!! It's insane!! Even better than 4th of July in Rexburg, according to Sister Sorensen!! hahaha
We had a fantastic evening in Fredericia, enjoying the entire city, and even seeing the surrounding citites, being lit up, hearing the explosions all around! Fredericia takes pride in being the site of a tremendous battle, so we all climbed up on the ramparts and had the best view in the World!! If only I could take the panoramic image from my mind and paste it on this email!! My good golly!! But I guess you'll all just have to experience an actual Danish New Years all on your own at some point in your life!! Please do!! I'd be glad to tag along!!

Ældste Jordan Earl, Ældste Trent Madsen, Me, and Søster Emily Sorensen enjoying fireworks on top of a cannon!!

But aside from the fantastic views, this week has been great for our missionary Work! So many people were busy during the Christmas season, but now that the New Year is under way, people are looking for ways to change their life! Enter the missionaries!! I know that this wonderful Gospel of Christ is something that everyone needs! There is a fire burning in my Heart as I have come to love the Danish people more than I expected I could, and I know that love comes from the Savior! His love for us all is immeasurable, and absolutely incredible! As I learn more about Him, and actually get to know Him, I have found myself able to better know myself, my potential, and what I can do to help others! I hope you all take the time at the start of this new year to come closer to Christ, and become more like Him! His love will always be there, and His help is indispensable! 

I apologize about the Short letter this week, but honestly, the only thing I can think to tell you all is about the incredible love the Savior has for each and every one of you! He knows you individually, better than you know yourself! How? Because you lived with him before this life!! You are his beloved Brother or Sister, and He gave up everything to help you return home to him! You have potential, and you can reach that only through the Atoning love and Sacrifice of the Savior. Please(!!!) use this opportunity he has given you, and do not procrastinate!

My Heart is full of love and joy and thanksgiving for this wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord. I wish you all the best week!! I love you all, and I look forward to next week to hear from all you beautiful humans Again :)

With the warmest wishes and the  tightest hug,

Sister Morgan B Soelberg <3

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