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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Doing Work in Danmark!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Why on earth am I emailing on a Tuesday, you ask?? Godt spørgsmål!! Yesterday, the internet was down in our darling Vejle Library, so we got permission to end our Pday early and email today :) So here we are, emailing you lovely folks!

I was SO excited to email you all yesterday about a fantastic experience we had on Saturday!! It was actually such a fantastic day, with so much happening, that even today, both Søster Sørensen and I are still writing about it in our journals! Wow, but I'll give you the short, condensed, most important things :)

It all started out with the Wind! Vejle has been hit pretty hard with a bad wind storm of sorts, and the wind was absolutely insane! We didn't have a chance to find out just how fast it was going, but I promise you, it was even above the Wizard of Oz status! It was incredible insane! And one thing I have learned is that you shouldn't try to bike side by side with strong wind - it doesn't end up pretty!! But we stayed relatively safe, and managed to get places without tipping over! 

While venturing out into the world, we figured our best bet for safety was to lock the bikes up and go on foot. So that's what we did, and it gave us the opportunity to contact people on the street! It was going well and without incident until we started talking to a man. We asked if he would like to look at our homepage (www.mormon.org) and gave him a pass-along card. He looked at the card, and suddenly had the most horrendously disgusted look on his face when we asked ''Are you Mormons??'' We answered, of course, '' Ja, det er vi! '' (yes, we are!). He then looked me right in the eyes and asked me in the most menacing and daring voice, ''Why??'' and the Danish just flew from my mouth right there!! ''Fordi det er hvad vi tror på!'' (Because that's what we believe!). He then sneered and scoffed, and ripped up the poor little pass-along card, and went along his merry way. I don't think anything in the world, or anything I would have said, could have softened his heart, but I know that by bearing such a simple testimony, he knows it's what I know. And I hope that someday, he'll remember this little American girl who struggled with Danish, but stood up in confidence and clarity to a spiteful situation.

After that experience, as with the other similar one's I've had, my heart was really sad for the people who feel like tearing others down is the best way to decline the simple but glorious message of the Savior's gospel. But I straightened my back and kept walking, and I told myself that it was still going to be a good day, even if the morning wasn't turning out so well.

And by golly, we made it a good day! We had so many wonderful conversations with people! I went up to a girl on my own and asked her a Danish Language question, and actually understood what she explained to me (**fist pump!!**), we talked to a darling old man on the bus, and another old couple on another bus! We also knocked around in a neighborhood, and spoke with so many wonderfully interesting people! One thing I have found on the mission is the importance of everyone's voice! There are so many varying opinions in the world, and you never know them if you don't ask! While almost all of these people we talked to weren't interested in discussing religion, we still had a wonderful time with them, and they now have that experience of two little Mormon Sister Missionaries trying to, as Søster Sørensen aims to do, ''Change the World.''

But the good day is not over yet! Late at night, about 40 minutes before we were to be inside, we made our way to the nearest bus stop that would take us to the Trafikcenter. We had about 20 minutes before the bus would come, so we decided to knock on some doors in the area. The first few attempts didn't have much success- a lot of people weren't intersted at all. But with little time left, we knocked on one more door, and to our (wonderful) surprise, this darling woman tells us that yes, she is interested! It took us a few confirmative questions from her call box to know that we were actually being allowed into her apartment! Hahaha, you should know that this was probably the first time (I cannot think of any more times at the moment) that a door contact has let us in, in my experience on the mission! So we were very excited!

She let us in, and we had a fantastic conversation about Frelsesplanen (the Plan of Salvation), and we are seeing her again this evening :) So that's really exciting!

But the moral of the story is an important one! Even if the beginning of the day is rough, don't become discouraged! Continue to work hard, and be positive, and so many wonderful blessings will come! I think that for every bad experience you have, you will find that there are so many more good experiences to follow!! So keep your head up :) Share your love and good wishes! Always do all you can to make someone's day, and you will find that your day is made in the process!

I love you all! And I hope you have a great week!!

Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Sister Morgan B Soelberg

Nothing like a windy fjord!! 

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