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Monday, January 18, 2016

Miracles All Over!

Hej Friends and Family!!! I hope you have all had a wonderful week! 
Life has been very busy here in Slagelse! I've only been here for a little under a month, but I honestly feel like I've been here for a year :) The people are all so kind, and so wonderful!
I'm sorry that I never sent out a letter last week! Miracles have been happening all over, and there just isn't enough time to write them all down! But I would like to encourage you all again to focus on writing in your journals! They really are quite the source of inspiration and de-stressing! So be sure to use them! 

But in any case, I would highly recommend recording down your personal and everyday miracles :) I've got a few in my head that I would like to share with you- ones that inspire and encourage me to always follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit-

About 2 weeks ago, Sister Perkins and I were having a day full of failed plans and frustration! We had a set appointment later on in the day, and we were constantly exploring new ideas and rearranging plans, but nothing we were doing was seeming to work. I distinctly remember biking up a cold, icy hill and saying a prayer of frustration in my heart, asking God why nothing was working out as planned, and why we weren't having any success that day. This though process caught me off-guard in the very moment, because as missionaries, plans rarely end up going according to plan! I pushed aside these feelings of negativity, and Sister Perkins and I both felt that we should bike into the central square of the city and try and contact some previous investigators that lived in the area. I said another - more positive- prayer in my heart, asking the Lord to help us to be able to make a difference in someone's life that day.
So Sister Perkins and I hopped back onto our bikes and made our way down and up another hill (in denmark, you always end up biking uphill, no matter where you're going)- we were passing an apartment complex when all of a sudden, I felt my shoelace get caught on my bike pedal and pulled over as quickly as I could. Funny enough, I had just tightened and tucked in the laces on my boots before we started biking again, but somehow, when I wasn't looking, the lace popped back out and got stuck in the joints of my pedal, making it impossible to bike further. I hopped off and attempted to release the catch as gracefully and quickly as I could when we heard an excited gasp and someone running over to us while saying, ''Sisters!! Yes, Sisters!!'' We turned around to see a less-active woman, Christiane, scurrying over the ice to us. She had just been praying that someone would be able to help her out- she was trying to move some chunky boxes from her apartment over to a friends house, but only had her one bike- but now she had 3 :) We helped her out, and ended up being a direct answer to prayer in that moment. I said another prayer in my heart, this time one of thanksgiving and humility. The rest of the day continued just as before, but this time, both Sister Perkins and I felt positive and happy and ready to do anything.

The second miracle happened this past week, with the exact same woman! Funny how that happens!
In the mean time, Transfers have happened, and I am now companions with Sister Andrea Keller :) You'll get a picture in a bit!
We had an hour left of the day, and Sister Keller and I decided to stop by an investigator just to introduce them to each other- but on the way there, we passed by the same Christiane's apartment, and I felt that we needed to stop and go say Hi to her- she also hadn't met Sister Keller yet, so we would have a good excuse for stopping by un-announced.
So we knock on the door, and it turns out that Christiane had found herself in another stressful situation again, not really knowing what to do and hoping that someone would be able to come by and help her- but she didn't know who to call! So Ta-da!! The Missionaries just happen to stop by :) We were able to help her out and get to know her a little bit more, and we had such a great time being able to be with her again.
The next day, we stopped by the investigator we had been on the way to before seeing Christiane, and it turns out that they know each other! And we didn't even know! But it turns out that Christiane had already told our mutual friend, Marie, about us coming by and being an answer to prayer! Marie really liked and appreciated that :)

I hope I'm able to convey all the happy feelings correctly without leaving out too many details- I just feel so blessed to have been able to help the people around me in ways that I didn't expect, and all thanks to feeling and acting upon the small promptings that come into our hearts and our minds. Sometimes we don't understand all the things that happen in our lives, but as we react positively to all of the small and instinctual impressions we receive, we can find ourselves in situations where we are able to help others in ways and times that we don't expect!

I hope that you are also all aware of the influence you have on the lives of others- especially me :) there are many of you who have had a strong impact on my life without you even knowing it! So thanks for all the love and good cheer that you spread- and keep going! You never know how far your warm heart can reach!

I hope you all have a great week! I'll try to have a better email for you all next week!

med stor kærlighed-
<3 Søster MBSoelberg

The Elders (Curtis and Dickson) surprised us with a snowman two weeks ago! But we caught them in the act!

​Sister Keller!! She just finished getting Trained, and I'm excited to feel her contagious missionary spirit!! She's great!

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