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Monday, February 16, 2015

New Transfer, New Companion, New 'Do

To start off, I want to let you all know that All the missionaries here in Denmark are safe and sound. Despite the crazy action happening around Copenhagen, we're all alright! But we all have been asked to be on the lookout for any prying questions or questionable happenings around us! Don't worry, we're all staying safe!

That said-  Good morning World! Today's early hours have felt a little bit colder than usual, but that won't keep us missionaries away from the library! Hahaha, I hope you all had a wonderful week!

This past week up in Vejle hasn't been the happiest on my quest of searching for souls! Of course, when a new Sister comes, and you want to show her how great your area is, everyone cancels on you and/or is completely uninterested in listening, and you only end up with 8 lessons in a week! But! That only means that, just like the weather, we can only go up from here :) We're still working our hårdest, and that's what matters :)

Nothing too exciting happened this week...
other than....

THIS! Yes, I got a haircut :) And I'm loving it! I got a little too fed up with my hair getting caught in my coat and scarf and bag and getting all crazy in the Wind.

So there we have it :) Much better!!
I also got to get close and personal to my first Danish Castle!!

It's really quite large.....

​So that's exciting!

We were up in Kolding helping renovate the hair salon that we got our feet nibbled on by the fishies :) We had a great time, and I showed my skills of disassembling things and patching up holes on the wall. There were a lot of them. I also tasted my first PINEAPPLE CHERRY. My goodness, it was so good! I think I'm addicted! Good thing we're going grocery shopping today :D

We've got great plans this week in Vejle :) Now that the Holidays are finally coming to a close here in Denmark, a lot of our dear positive humans we visit will be home :) And of course, people will actually be home/out and about for us to talk to them :D Wish us luck!

Have a wonderful week, and remember that I love you all very much!! :)

~Søster Morgan B Sølberg

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