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Monday, December 14, 2015

Jul er tilbage! :D

Well, another week has gone by, and I'm back in this lovely Library in Copenhagen! haha, someday I'll email from Birkerød, but since we're so close to the big city, why not come down and enjoy the sights?? :) Sister Moseley is headed home this week, so this is her last pit stop in good ol' KBH before she ships out!! We'll be sure to make it a good day :) So this weeks email is going to be a little short!! But here's the weeks highlights!! <3

Greatest Challenge of the Week:

hearing the next door neighbors start their Star-Wars wind-up!! We could hear them through the wall watching the Phantom Menace during our daily planning session! :[ Life is so rough!!

3 Best Parts of This Week:

  1. Getting in FREE to Tivoli (an amusement park right in the middle of Copenhagen!)!! It was great to ride roller-coasters again!! 
  2. Going to the Ward Christmas Party and enjoying the awesome Danish Christmas meal again!! haha, ward members like to give us a Danish meal, so we pretty much eat the same thing every time we go to a members house
  3. Hearing the Traveling Missionary Christmas Choir <3 they're so talented

Tivoli :)

Elders Porter, Baadsgaard, Geslison, Dickson, and Gudmanson (haha, I don't remember how to spell his name...whoops)
Sisters Mandla, Lyman, Van Orden, and Floyd
They're all Dolls <3

Best Quote of the Week:

''Today is part of Eternity''
So make sure that you're spending your eternity in the best possible way!! <3 Go out and spread a little more love and joy ;)

So there you have it! It's been a pretty festive past couple of days, and The Christmas Season is still winding up!! I hope you all have a fantastic week, and I'll talk to you all in 7 days (and then Skype on Christmas!! :D)

Søster Soelberg, MB

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